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Sammy Davis Jr On Charlie's Angels
Desertman8429 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When a Sammy Davis, Jr. lookalike is mistakenly abducted, the REAL Sammy hires Sabrina,Kelly and Kris to help get the little guy back in The Sammy Davis, Jr. Kidnap Caper.

Sammy Davis Jr.'s manager hires the Charlie's private investigators for bodyguard duty after Sammy narrowly eludes multiple kidnap attempts. Sabrina and Kris have a run-in with the kidnappers during a charity event. Herbert Brubaker III, owner of the H&B Boozeterias, wins the celebrity look-alike contest because of his resemblance to Sammy. Herbert comes over to Sammy's house to take him up on his promise to let him drive one of his prized automobiles. The kidnappers mistake Herbert for Sammy and nab him. The Angels convince Sammy to lay low so that the kidnappers will believe they succeeded. They demand a $375,000 ransom for Sammy's return. Sabrina finds the dollar amount to be rather suspicious. Kris poses as a floozy and gains access to the office of Andy Price, Sammy's business manager. She discovers that he has embezzled a great deal of money to cover his debts, and agreed to help orchestrate the kidnapping to cover his tracks. After Bosley leaves with the ransom money, Sammy and his wife emerge and explain the case of mistaken identity. Kelly and Kris claim that an electronic tracking device was planted in the money, prompting Andy to take off to warn the kidnappers. The Angels trail him to their hideout, and Sammy insists on coming along because he feels responsible for Herbert's predicament. The kidnappers plan to kill Herbert, and decide they must do away with Andy after he objects. After Sammy distracts them, the Angels break in and subdue everyone.

This episode did not sit well with this Charlie's Angel fan.Despite the presence of Sammy Davis Jr,I found the story both laughable and implausible.In addition to that,the participation of Davis in the work of the Angels did not add humor but rather distraction to the story.Nevertheless,I bet my money that CA nerds will surely enjoy this one together with the fans of Davis Jr.
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