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A Tense Episode

Author: Desertman84 from United States
23 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After several strange accidents occur while Ron Gates is training for the Mr. Galaxy contest, Kelly,Kris and Julie are called in to find out who is trying to injure him.Then,they are hired to protect bodybuilder Ron Gates,a top contender for the title of Mr. Galaxy, after someone makes an attempt on his life.Norman Powers, the manager for six-time Mr. Galaxy winner Chuck Wilde, approaches Ron and adviser Artie Weaver outside the run-down gym where Ron trains. Chuck, who spent time in prison for gang-related crimes before taking up bodybuilding, observes them with disgust. Shady promoter/arena owner Danny Barr confronts Ron and orders him to resume his boxing career after the conclusion of the contest. Ron offers to buy out his contract, but a furious Barr raves that Ron has betrayed him.

Bosley joins a gym and meets Chuck, while Julie gets a job as a part- time receptionist. She listens to Norman Powers' phone conversation and hears him yelling about money. Kelly poses as a reporter and sets up an interview with Barr, but he knows that she is actually a detective. He boasts that Ron would already be dead if he wanted to kill him. When Kris goes back to the gym to pick up her car, a man dressed as a jacuzzi repairman scurries outside and drives away quickly. Kris races upstairs and saves Ron from being electrocuted by the sabotaged tub. After Chuck throws away a note, Kelly and Julie fish it out of the garbage and learn the time and location of a clandestine meeting. They overhear him arguing with a man about money. Kelly sneaks in and looks over his records, but the man returns. Julie holds him at gunpoint, and they lock him in the bathroom.

With Barr the only remaining suspect, Kelly and Julie head for the arena to help Kris. Julie spots a car that fits the description of the one that knocked Ron and Kris off the road. Ron joins in the search for Kris, and Chuck also insists on putting the contest on hold to aid them because he does not want to win by default. A perplexed Bosley announces that the car used in the attack is registered to Selena. They track her down at her work station, and learn that she just rents the car from her employer--Barr. She gives them a tip about where Barr might hold Kris, and Ron and Chuck bust down the door. Kris escapes, and is pleased when Ron punches out one of the goons. He returns to the stage and wins the contest. Barr tries to run over Ron in the parking lot, but Kelly and Julie shoot up his car and force him to surrender.

One thing about this episode is a viewer's curiosity of why female detectives were hired to act as a bodyguard to a top bodybuilder contestant.But nevertheless,we get to see an episode that builds a lot of tension up until its conclusion that makes it worth the view as we see Kelly,Kris and Julie into a lot of action scenes especially against Ron's enemies.Also,this episode will also delight female viewers as they see men with muscles.

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Not all THAT bad...

Author: jas-55966
3 February 2016

So I know that most people that comment HATE this episode, but I think it's got some cute, endearing moments.

So the angels seem to really develop a soft spot for that hunky, soft-hearted client of theirs, and his equally endearing trainer... It's fun to watch Boz go undercover as a wannabe-weightlifter... Bonnie Keith, one of my fave guest-stars from her other 2 scene- stealing episodes, does a quick walk-on. And then the chick who played Jan in "Grease" does a cameo as the receptionist???? I mean, COME ON!@ This episode has its moments...

Okay, sure the scene where Kris and Ron get run off the road, and she's like "What's going on" all ditzy-like... I mean, REALLY, COME ON KRIS!@#$ This ain't your first time at the Rodeo...

The locations are interesting, lots of outdoor graffiti makes it gritty and urban, a bit toned down from the usual glamour (think episodes like "Love Boat Angels", "One Love Two Angels", "Diamond In The Rough", you know, the angels hob-knobbing with the rich and gutless...

And the actor who plays Danny, the villain, he was in Season 1 classic "The Killing Kind" as Robert Loggia's sidekick, and had a long career as a character actor... check him out in "The Twilight Zone" as a menacing genie in a bottle granting cursed wishes.

It definitely cheapens the episode to have stock footage from way back in season 2 (the auditorium crowd scenes from "Angels On Ice" and "Angels All In A Row" - you can even spot "Sabrina" handing out programs in yellow jacket she wore in Season 2, Episode 2).

So pluses and minuses... I still think its a cute concept. Could have done with a better script or less plot-holes. I like Ron's character and how he interacts with the Angels. And Boz could have really stole the show, as the main Male protagonist to the Angels in this testosterone-laden episode (something for everyone, men, women, gays, straights, LOL).

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Intensely homoerotic episode

Author: gridoon2016
25 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For gay men as well as women with a fetish for male bodybuilders (and I have nothing against any of those people; I personally admit to having a slight fetish for some female bodybuilders!), "Mr. Galaxy" is a true feast for the eyes. If, however, you don't belong to either of the above two demographics....all you will get here is about a minute of Tanya Roberts in very short shorts. The whodunit setup of this episode is not bad, however like the other couple of season 5 episodes I've watched so far there is a certain lack of energy, and the actors don't seem to have their heart into it like they did in previous seasons. The Angels' client, a contender for the title crown who has become the target of repeated murder attempts, is played by the massively built but also massively wooden Roger Callard. ** out of 4.

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Angels save semi-naked men!

Author: robrosenberger from Estero Island
16 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Angels, meet beefcake! Beefcake, meet Angel toe! It's long past due that half-naked males get some screen time here. Angels investigate shady doings at a bodybuilding contest. Another episode written by some grade school contest winner - much of the slick detective work seems to consist of breaking and entering in busy buildings in broad daylight...but deny this fun we cannot. And yes, Tanya gives a country full of sex-starved males the most heart-stopping glimpses of girly bits ill-concealed by wardrobe since Farrah and her national treasure chest. One star lost for Kris' convincing an ex-boxer pacifist that he's a sissy.

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