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  • Thieves steal works of art from an antiques dealer because of the precious diamonds hidden in a frog, Sabrina & Jill go undercover as a couple of veterinarians to take hold of something the thieves want in exchange for the diamonds & their clients' son.

  • An art dealer goes into his store and sees that he's been robbed. But he's most concerned that they took a frog figurine. He's about to call the police when someone comes in and he tells him about the frog being stolen. The man tells him to come with him. When his mother doesn't hear from him, she hires Charlie to find him. They learn that he goes to a place called Consenting Adults which is some kind of dating service. They learn that the girl he was matched with has a checkered history. They learn that the men who run the place also have checkered past. They also learn that the dealer might have a connection to a mobster.

  • Spunky Maggie Cunningham hires the Angels to find her son Clifton, but the routine missing person's case turns out to be only the tip of an iceberg involving prostitution, smuggling and murder.


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  • An antique dealer is burglarized of priceless art objects. One of the stolen items is a ceramic frog, stuffed with smuggled diamonds. Sabrina and Jill disguise themselves as veterinarians and steal the racehorse. The Angels meet in the park and turn over the diamonds in exchange for his horse. In the exciting climax, Jill must make a getaway with the evidence on her skateboard - chased by a syndicate hit man driving an ice-cream truck.

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