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One of the most popular episodes from the legendary 1st season...

Author: blockerlover from United States
3 November 2006

I'm surprised no one else has reviewed this, one of the most watched 1st season episodes of "Charlie's Angels" (Aaron Spelling was once quoted that he could keep re-running this show over and over and the ratings would never go down). Lauren Tewes (pre-"The Love Boat") hires the girls to locate her sister, who was railroaded into a prison work-farm by snarling baddies who operate a prostitution racket on the side. With a wonderfully cheesy supporting cast including Kim Basinger as an inmate (back in the day when she was a lip gloss model for magazines), lascivious Mary Woroonov as a warden named Maxine, and oily Anthony James as a guard, this one has great seedy flavor worthy of a theatrical feature, a tight direction, some tart, funny lines of dialog, and lots o' T&A.

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Author: robrosenberger from Estero Island
13 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I spent much of the episode laughing aloud. The greatest line in Angel history: "I am not a yo-yo!" The Angels go undercover as inmates in a women's prison. Their client? How about Julie, from The Love Boat? The local sheriff? Jeffrey Lebowski (not that Lebowski, the other Lebowski). The leering guard? Why, that's Hector Savage! Look, two future Buck Rogers alums! The Angels get strip searched, de-loused, and forced into prostitution. They overcome their captors in a squad car...but instead of taking the guns or car or keys, they run into a swamp, chained together! Why? Um, because the guards are "too heavy". In the swamp, we get our first-ever glimpse of Farrah's naked breast, compliments of the pause feature on your remote. STILL not sold? Then how about inmate Kim Basinger? She goes nipple for nipple with Farrah (it turns out they both have two), and at the end of the show, is hired as Charlie's new secretary. Whew. I'm spent just thinking about it.

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"I'm allergic to working in potato fields."

Author: bensonmum2 from Tennessee
26 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With the passing of Farrah Fawcett, I thought it was high time I revisited an episode or two from the first season of Charlie's Angels. I decided to skip around and take a look at some of my favorites. What better place to start than "Angels in Chains"? What an episode! The Angels are sent into a women's prison to investigate the disappearance of their client's sister. Once there, the girls are treated to a strip search, a delousing, potato digging, and the opportunity to turn a few quick tricks at a party. It seems the women in the prison who cooperate at the warden's little parties get special treatment. The whole thing plays like watered down Pam Grier WIP film. Farrah, Kate, and Jaclyn are all quite fabulous. They're joined by one of the better supporting casts that I can remember – featuring David Huddleston (you might not know the name, but if you're a fan of all things 70s, you'd recognize the face), Anthony James (who could play a whacko with the best of 'em), Kim Basinger, and Mary Woronov. Some of the moments that I really love are the low speed potato truck chase, watching Farrah roll around on the floor with her all too obvious fake stomach ache, Anthony James' unsubtle remarks and creepy leering at Jaclyn, and Kate's wisecrack to the guard that gets her a punch in the kidney for her effort. Fun stuff! Watching 33 years after the fact, it's hard to believe that this was scandalous back in the day. Today, it seems oddly quaint – entertaining, but quaint. I much prefer things like "Angels in Chains" to what gets past off as entertainment on television today.

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A fine episode

Author: hillenbrand-peter1 from United States
25 October 2010

This is my favorite episode of Season 1. The title was so catchy, people were talking about it the next day in school when it originally aired in 1976. I looked forward to seeing this episode when it finally came out on DVD. The title probably caught many more peoples interest with an already hot show for its time. A simple plot but the story line and setting kept me interested. The acting was good and the supporting cast did a great job in their roles. The prison staff and correction officers were memorable characters. It was nice to see a young Kim Basinger as a fellow prisoner before she gained movie stardom. This episode really summarizes the entire series. I like how the Angels use simple techniques to solve the mystery and not the high tech stuff that makes some of today's shows hard to fathom.

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PG rated B movie premise gets a solid C

Author: Fluke_Skywalker from United States
13 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Plot; The Angels...LOL!...Sorry. Ahem. The Angels go undercover at a women's prison to investigate the disappearance of a young woman who had been held there under dubious charges. Once inside, they discover the prison is a front for a Madame's high end call girl ring.

Yep, it's a "Women in prison" episode, complete with strip searches (behind an irritating partition), evil guards (male and female), a cigar chompin' good 'ol boy sheriff and an evil Warden doubling as a Madame. Okay, so it's a bit of PG-rated exploitation, but it's all good, clean fun. Mostly. The actual "plot" mechanics don't exactly work, and honestly there's no mystery to solve, with the audience arriving to the conclusion ahead of the Angels by a good 20 minutes, but like the last episode I watched, there's some wit sprinkled in.

The Angels get a couple of good moments, particularly Farrah, but there's not as much here to sink their teeth into as there was in "Hell Ride". Still a bit of fun in the classic "Jiggle TV" tradition".

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A Classic Episode

Author: Desertman84 from United States
24 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A woman hires Sabrina,Jill and Kelly to locate her sister, who disappeared from a women's prison farm after being picked up for drug possession in a small town. In order to infiltrate the prison, Sabrina purposely gets pulled over for speeding. The sheriff plants drugs in the trunk and arrests the Angels, who are railroaded into a prison sentence without receiving a fair trial or even being allowed to contact an attorney. They discover that many of the women inside the facility were framed. An inmate reveals that the missing girl was taken to the infirmary about a month earlier after a deputy tried to rape her but hasn't been seen since then. Jill discovers that Elizabeth signed into the infirmary, but never checked out. The Angels are given fancy dresses and hauled away to a party, where they find that the warden has inmates perform sexual favors for prison suppliers in exchange for discounts on their wares. The corruption at the prison is exposed, and the innocent inmates are released.

Angels In Chains is one classic episode.No question about it.In it,we see Sabrina,Jill and Kelly being chained together.Also,it somewhat removes the glamor in them in a way but they still look great inside prison. Also,the actresses have great and wonderful chemistry.And most of all,we learn a lot of things about how to do police work and law enforcement as well as how competent Charlie's private investigators are in performing their job.

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Cheesy, trashy fun!

Author: AlonzoQuijana from Miami Beach
28 December 2006

Deliciously cheesy 1970s T&A television! Was shrieking with laughter during the gratuitous strip search / shower scene and the delousing spray treatment by prison guard "Maxine." And all the southern prison clichés were hauled out: corrupt southern sheriff, the leering, inbred-looking deputy, the Dukes of Hazard - like car chase, the work farm and the hints of cell block lesbianism. Better still, the production values: the cheap interior sets, and the California exteriors (the episode was set in fictitious Pine Parish, Louisiana, but the browned hills and dust betray the S. California back lot.) And then the cocktail dresses for the cat house. Great fun! A must see classic of 1970s television.

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Utter trash but fun

Author: preppy-3 from United States
19 December 2008

A once notorious episode from the hit TV show "Charlie's Angels". The angels (Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith and Farrah Fawcett) allow themselves to become prisoners in a ridiculously sadistic prison. There are strip searches, delousing, a lesbian guard, beatings, killings...the works. Sounds harrowing but it's impossible to take seriously. I actually laughed out loud when one of the angels sneers at the guard, "When was the last time you were sprayed?" In 1976 this was considered over the top and way too strong for TV. They got away with it because this show played at 10:00. Also the ratings for this episode went through the roof. Today you can see it complete and unedited during the afternoon on TV! Worth seeing once---for laughs.

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