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A Classic......At Least In My House
ccthemovieman-110 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This has always been my most memorable episodes in this series, maybe because it was my father's favorite and as kids, we often copy our dad.

This episode should make every married couple laugh, especially the men. Ever feel henpecked, guys? This is for you....but don't expect a happy ending! "Lucille" is not the doting "Rose," as our hero "Guenther" finds out!

Inspired by a play he saw in Central Park, Guenter decides he is no longer going to be picked on by his wife. He is going to be the king of his castle! Through an odd twist of fate, he gets away with it....for awhile.

Carl Ballantine as "Al" and Martha Greenhouse as "Rose" are fantastic, topped only by one of the funniest married TV couples of all-time, "Guenther" (Joe E. Ross) and "Lucille" (Beatrice Pons).
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