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Scarecrow-8825 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Doug Hutchison has always been a character actor with the incredible ability to make your skin crawl with his mere presence on screen. He's certainly had quite a collection of wackos in his resume. His cable guy, Nigel Crane, discovered to have been voyeuristically tormenting a young women he eventually executes, doing so from within her attic without the victim's knowledge, falls in league with such lunatics. A young woman was receiving phone calls from Crane, pretty much barricading herself in a hermetically sealed home, unaware that he was all the while hiding out in her attic, little holes cut out where each room was located, recording her on a camera or using night vision goggles to spy on her at night. This Crane is a real repellent creep. It seems that Nigel has chosen another one to spy on..Nick! I imagine the Nick Stokes character(he's almost killed by Crane when he and Warrick were in Nigel's home wanting to ask him some questions; pushed out the window by Crane)practically feels raped as Crane falls through his ceiling after killing a psychic(Leland Orser, a clairvoyant who might just be legit since his second sight yields startlingly successful answers, a clue leading Grissom to suspect that the killer was able to get in and out thanks to the attic of the victim's home.), wearing some of his clothes, knowing practically everything about him. Crane had actually dressed and posed(including red hair coloration since Nick prefers redheads)the victim seen at the beginning of the episode to look exactly like a drunk girl Nick knew in college! I mentioned Leland Orser briefly above--his psychic is quite a creepy character, mainly, I guess, because he must stare into the abyss, receiving dark images, glimpses of scary events. His Morris Pearson actually "witnessed" glimpses of the frightening events which transpired the night victim Jane Galloway(Brianna Brown)was suffocated with a plastic bag. And when he appears to Nick at the end, with the "green t" forewarning him of potential danger, Leland certainly leaves an impression as well. Hutchison makes such an impact, that he seems to be on a show or in a movie far longer than he really is, when in actuality he's not. The Nick Stokes character not only receives physical but psychological damage as well.
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Why introduce the supernatural?
alex-droogley15 April 2013
The whole point of CSI is that the answers are found through science.

So why have a clairvoyant with psychic knowledge of the crime? If it was X-Files I wouldn't mind if there was a clairvoyant, a platoon of clairvoyants, or a battalion of clairvoyants, but it is totally out of place in CSI.

Also, the clairvoyant character actually added nothing to the plot at all, apart from being a very slight red herring.

Really, if you know the Gil Grissom character, can you image him bringing someone who claims parapsychic knowledge to a crime scene, then leaving him unattended there? Not on.

Also, it's implausible that someone could "move into" someone else's attic, still do his day job, and remain unobserved for months on end.

And how could the perp, a short dude, hurl Nick, a much larger dude, through a second floor window? Oh maybe he used telekinesis.
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