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Fool me twice...
Son_of_Mansfield14 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
One desperate housewife may or may not have something to with the death of her rich husband by poisoning or it could be his assistant. The CSIs seem to be one step behind the culprit until the end, but then, it doesn't matter. Marcia Cross and Anne Ramsey play the wife and the assistant. It's great to see the see the CSIs running around behind the criminals with almost no evidence and a pair of liars slowing them down. The last scene where they are unmasked, but without any proof to pin two murders on them, and Ramsey politely asks to use the bathroom is killer. Serial killers may get the most recognition as the best villains, but these two are as cold and conniving as any psycho killer. Beware the garlic bagel. I still hold out hop for some sort of sequel. Please?
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CSI:Crime Scene Investigation-Organ Grinder
Scarecrow-8810 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Philandering aneurysm victim has his organs quickly harvested and body cremated at the bequest of his wife and circular lines on the finger nails in photographs Sara eyeballs could indicate heavy metal poisoning. Selenium in the body is resistant to heat so it remained after cremation proving that the victim was indeed poisoned. The wife is an obvious suspect and his adulterous ways gave her the possible motive to poison him overtime. A secretary with dandruff(dandruff was found near the body)could add a clue as to the unidentified woman in the victim's room the night he died. There's also the history of a supposed accidental shooting of the victim(which turns out to be something different entirely; Warrick admitting that his being new and green contributed to the miscalculation in this incident confirmed as an accident) and a used condom with a woman's DNA on the outer edge of it which could prove helpful in filling in the mysterious details needed to solve the case. A prescribed shampoo for seborrhea(dandruff)does have selenium and could've been used to poison the victim. A kidney extracted from the body of dying donor victim might just help Grissom's team. Then when the team dig up evidence linking the secretary and victim's wife to another murder from the past, things only get more complicated. The ending is troubling, to say the least. Marcia Cross of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES fame and Anne Ramsey star in chilling performances as two partners in crime the CSI team may not be able to convict.
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