"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" Grissom Versus the Volcano (TV Episode 2003) Poster


Warrick Brown: Checking glassware for spots?

Greg Sanders: [examining a wine glass] You know, a hot tub is just like a dishwasher. Washes away all of the impurities.

Warrick Brown: Including hydrofluoric acid, huh?

Greg Sanders: [speaking in a French accent and showing Warrick a sample jar of wine] '93 Pinot. Either it was a bad year for wine or a bad year for Amelia. I found trace amounts of hydrofluoric acid in the vino.

Warrick Brown: So, somebody did spike the wine?

Greg Sanders: Oui.

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[Grissom and Catherine are looking at a science project class volcano]

Catherine Willows: In fifth grade I built one of these as my science fair project, it was awesome. First place should have been mine, but they ended up giving it to this kid with some lame red ant colony.

[Catherine looks at Grissom who is smiling]

Catherine Willows: That was you!

Gil Grissom: Yeah, only my ants were black Argentineans.

Catherine Willows: Uh-huh...

Gil Grissom: I learned at a very early age that the bugs always win.

Catherine Willows: Right...

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