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CSI:Crime Scene Investigation-Cross-Jurisdictions

Author: Scarecrow-88 from United States
2 January 2011

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This episode was primarily a means to introduce the regular audience to the sister show(which would also become a bit enduring hit), CSI Miami and their cast. A decorated ex-chief of detectives is murdered with his own gun, the wife and daughter kidnapped by the killer. This killer is identified as having a peculiar "fruity" sickly-sweet odor, and could be a serial murderer of wealthy couples he comes in contact with. He, along with the mother and daughter as hostage, drives cross country to Miami with Grissom sending Catherine and Warrick to that jurisdiction to help the head CSI, Horatio Caine(the ever cool David Caruso, returning to television, comfortably sliding into his new part), find him. Honey and nine millimeter shell casings, along with blood in urine when the killer stopped to urinate(which led to the little girl getting away, later to be found by Caine)could lead to the man's capture. Catherine and Warrick meet each member of Horatio's team(Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Rory Cochrane, and Khandi Alexander) and we get a sample of certain areas of Miami(along with a bar called Hives which submerges a hot model with honey for a happy audience to sample via fruit from her body)so its really about getting a look at the new cast and their own personalities and quirks. Caruso has a nice scene with the little girl, having found her in a secluded area, and later in the show when he must acknowledge to her that both parents are dead, confessing that he himself also lost a loved one. Caruso and Helgenberger have some interesting scenes together as the obvious "cross-jurisdictional" friction is noticeable. Peterson(Grissom)was vocally displeased about another CSI show, although CSI:Miami was indeed a hit.

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Worst series in All CSI.

Author: hzahid1 from Bangladesh
28 August 2008

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I just dislike CSI:Miami only for one man and that is David Caruso. Why the hell he is in that CSI?! Why he act like an idiot in CSI:Miami?! He is just full of s..t here. No offense. But other then him everyone is good. The best CSI series is CSI: LV and then CSI:NY. OK I'm talking about this episode and this episode is cool, I just want to see the CSI:LV team in any other CSI series and it fulfilled my desire. And I would say the best CSI investigator is Gil Grissom(William Petersen) his acting is so good in the CSI series. And I would like to know after the episode "For Warrick" in CSI:LV are all the previous CSI's are gone? Cause I haven't seen that episode "For Warrick" yet. I just love the CSI:LV and I would give the series 9 out of 10 here.

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Greg Sanders

Author: RavenMScott from United States
13 December 2006

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I'd like to let people know, that, even though it said Eric Szmanda's name in the credits, he wasn't on the episode of Cross-Jurisdictions. So, technically it shouldn't be on his IMDb profile. Just to let you guys know. I liked the episode, but when it says who's on there, they should actually have the people on there. Like Eric Szmanda, for instance. He wasn't on there, even though it said his name in the credits. But, since it was the first show that helped develop CSI:Miami, I enjoyed it. And Rory Cochrane was more excited and such, but when the other seasons came around, he didn't seem so happy with the position he was in. They could've also chosen a different person to play Horatio Caine, because, from what I understand, David Caruso re-writes his script to his satisfaction. I think it's stupid and dumb. The writers went through all the trouble in putting together a script, only to have David Caruso ruin it. Plus, some of the words he uses for the show aren't very intelligent.

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