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Crime clue inaccurate?
dcharles-511 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
If I remember this episode correctly, the threads from the pipe that killed the boy in his bed were running horizontally across his temple area. The boy was supposed to have been laying on his bed when hit with the pipe blows and killed. It was determined by the CSI's that he was killed by someone standing by his bed. Not at the head of the bed or at the foot of the bed. If that was the case and the boy was killed by the pipe the pipe threads should have been vertical across and not horizontal. Even though the blood splatter on the tee shirt did help them figure out who killed the boy I think this minor bit of evidence detail was overlooked if I am remembering this episode(Compulsions) properly.
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Somewhat agree with the above comment
krisdude00726 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Although, csi team made an assumption as how the boy was killed, meaning, if he was hit on the head with multiple blows, this doesn't determine the position of the person, as exactly where he was standing or in which position he was standing. Here, two possibilities could be assumed. One, like the above comment says, the kid hitting his brother with the pipe, was facing him in a horizontal position at an altitude described by the blood spatters on the T-shirt. and second, it doesn't determine anything about the position of how the boy, who was sleeping, was in. It simply cannot be assumed, during all those blows, he would not have moved at all. or the boy, after hitting the victim might have moved him back to his original state, he was in, so no one would suspect it. It just said that the father found him in the morning when he went to wake him up. The csi, just did an analysis as who, among the three assumed suspects could be the actual culprit, but not the position of the threads of the pipe on the victim's body. because, that would not give any clue. Imagine this, if the boy was hitting him with one hand, his blows could be vertical as well. but if he is using both his hands, then the blows would be horizontal, or diagonal.
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