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CSI:Crime Scene Investigation-And Then There Were None
Scarecrow-8810 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Silica dust found in a mine outside of Las Vegas could lead the CSI team to a killer who had attained stolen loot from a casino heist which was orchestrated by two criminals from a previous episode, Tammy Felton and her recently paroled ex-con boyfriend, Darin. A shooting in a convenience store using a potato as a silencer, fingerprints on a sign, shoe prints extracted from a counter, all could actually tie it to the casino heist which resulted in a member of the thieves catching a bullet in the back by one of his own team. This CSI episode ties up loose ends which left us dangling from a previous one, and we are privy to one unique development after another as other conspirators come out of the woodwork, with the forensic team having to solve one mystery only for another to emerge.
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