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Interesting rematch
jj-25819 March 2006
I'm not sure if anyone else caught this but it was the second match-up for William Petersen and Tom Noonan as good guy/bad guy. They originally faced off against each other in Manhunter, the first (and in my opinion superior) version of Thomas Harris' Red Dragon. I was unable to tell if they made any reference to Manhunter in the show but it appeared not. There was not even any usage of the music that I could tell. Does anyone know if they had Grissom go up against a Willem Defoe character reprising To Live and Die in LA in any of the subsequent episodes? That would be a CSI to see. My other question would be did this episode get cast as a result of the previous work of Petersen and Noonan together or was it just the result of random casting?
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BigBrownBear10 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was really an exciting CSI that I have seen today on French Television (we are in 2008!). Replying to my predecessor I think that it was not an "accident" or random selection that William Peterson and Tom Noonan gathered on this CSI but more an homage. The role of Zephyr was as mysterious as the role of Francis Dollarhyde on Manhunter was. And the ending scene when Zephyr regurgitates the key to open the knuckles is clearly a link to Manhunter. Pure enjoyment!!

Unfortunately in the beginning, when the so called voluntarily lady was chosen it was more than evident that there was something wrong. The fact that the lady was never shown face to the camera made me suspicious and I was not wrong. But anyway revealing so many tricks was certainly not a pleasure for lots of professional magicians.....
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