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The Penultimate Episode: CHiPs Tried To Turn From Being A Cop Show Into A Science Fiction Series
Desertman8415 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In CHiPs' penultimate episode entitled Things That Go Creep in the Night,a distressed girl causes a car accident, but can't remember who she is or why she's holding the cover of a comic book.

Just after Ponch and Bruce respond to a call about a screaming girl,they arrive and find an accident including hot tar. She was holding the cover to a "Sea Thing" comic book. At the hospital, Bruce tells Ponch about Sea Thing just before they visit Anna. She has amnesia. Ponch and Bruce go to check out the eccentric guy who's supposedly behind the "Sea Thing" comics, and think he's hiding something.

When Anna is released from the hospital, she goes at CHP Central with Kathy.Then,Mr. Woods calls Central using the nurse's voice so he can get Kathy's address. That night, as Ponch and Bruce arrive at Kathy's, Anna is being attacked by the Sea Thing. Ponch runs into the water to wrestle the Sea Thing. It gets away.The next day, Anna swears her mom's alive. Getraer agrees to dig up the body.

Later, everyone visits the morgue. Ponch helps open the casket. All that's in it is a fake head that shatters when exposed to the air. Ponch, Bobby, and Bruce search Woods' house and find nothing. At Kathy's house, Anna answers the phone and believes it's her mother. She fakes getting a shower and sneaks out the window. When she goes to see her mother, she discovers it's really Woods in drag. When Ponch, Bruce, and Bobby arrive at Woods', he tells the whole story of how he locked up Anna's mom to take credit for creating the Sea Thing. When Ponch tries to arrest him, he turns out to be a hologram. The real Mr. Woods is escaping in his hearse. The CHP chases him and arrests him after the hearse rolls onto the beach.

Interestingly,this is one episode that is directed by Robert Pine,who plays Getraer.It is rather unfortunate that CHiPs tried to be creative and refreshing but in a wrong way.It tried to be a science fiction show instead of a cop show.In the end,the decline of the TV show has been fully realized in its penultimate episode as it tried to change its identity in a ridiculous manner.
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So Bad It's Amazingly Good
Sam McBride11 March 2015
I sat down to watch this episode thinking I was going to get bored after 10 minutes and turn it off, but after 10 minutes I was complete hooked. I couldn't stop watching! This might be one of the most ludicrous and bizarre episode in the history of TV, and of course that makes it "must see TV".

Everything and the kitchen sink is in this episode. It's so "out there" that it really is hard to describe, you really do have to see it. Just when you think it can't get any more weird it gets more weird. Just when you think it can't throw any more surprises at you it throws another one at you. And it does all this with its own sense of crazy fun. So even though you know it's "bad" you can't help but smile each time they throw something else your way. Hey, at least they tried to do something unusual, and boy did they succeed, even if it is so-bad-it's-good kind of entertainment.
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