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screamingsigns4 November 2014
The review by Intern2014, contains an historical error that I feel should be corrected for those who are too young to remember; for posterity, and/or for some anthropologist, from some distant planet, in some distant future, least they be misled in their study of our extinct civilization.

Intern2014 wrote: "Obviously in this episode,the TV show capitalizes on the rising popularity of disco dancing as the Disco Era begins."

Correction: The original Air Date was: 22 September 1979 (Season 3, Episode 2) The Disco Era began (arguably) in 1973, with the of U.S. release of "Soul Makossa," by the French band Manu Dibango. This was the first song officially released under the Disco genre.

So the fact is, Disco was in full swing by 1979. Still, Intern2014, almost hit the ball, because this episode was apparently what would later become known as "Product Placement" and it was, no doubt, promoting Roller Disco, and street skating. For this to really make sense, one should understand that Roller-Rink Skating had been a very popular pastime for decades past, but the industry had all but died by the late 70's,

See, what was happening in 1979, was the rise of the Roller Disco craze, and street skating. CHIPS was not the only TV show to feature it in an episode. And even though most of the huge old roller-rinks were gone(many burned down in 'tragic' fires), This craze made roller skating popular again--it didn't last very long though;

See, Dancing on roller skates while drinking--along with whatever was going on in the bathrooms--quickly proved to be a bad idea, so as injuries mounted, Roller Discos disappeared faster than they had come about.

That phase of Street skating remained popular well into the '80's until replaced by roller blades. Disco died of natural causes!

The Roller Beauty Contest really brought me back though--Chicks on skates in Hot Pants. How hot was that? Man those were the days!

Finally, people today, who are in the CHIPS targeted demographic group, will largely look at shows like CHIPS, and ask, how lame was that? Yea, it was a bit cornball, but run it next a Brooklyn 911, and it looks like great TV!
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Disco!!!! Disco!!!!
Desertman8431 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The episode starts with a bit of a re-cap of the previous episode.

Jon loses the skater he was chasing. Meanwhile, Ponch is still looking for his but can't find him.

The next day, the roller skating thieves rob a bank. Ponch and Jon respond and are helped by Bonnie and Mark, the kid who held onto the car bumper. Bonnie arrests the woman while Ponch arrests the man in the white shirt and Jon and Mark get the guy in the black shirt. Then its time to Skate with the Stars! It can't be summarized in words.

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, there's the "First-Ever Roller Disco Beauty Contest".

Obviously in this episode,the TV show capitalizes on the rising popularity of disco dancing as the Disco Era begins.
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