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In Andrew's dream sequence during the flashback to Andrew and Jonathan's stay in Mexico, intercut with footage of vampires, blood, and destruction are several frames of the "cheese man" who appeared in all four dreams in the Season Four finale "Restless".
The seventh season episode, "Storyteller", which focused on the character Andrew, was an experiment to see how the audience would respond to a show centered around Andrew, since the series was ending and they were trying to find a character upon whom they could build another spin-off show.
The sequence with the Mutant Enemy mascot, the little monster that goes "Grr Argh" at the end of all episodes, was changed for a total of six episodes:
  • in "Becoming Part Two" (#2.22) it said, 'Oh, I need a hug."
  • in "Amends" (#3.10) it wore a Santa hat and bells were jingling.
  • in "Graduation Day Part Two" (#3.22) it wore a graduation cap.
  • in "Once More With Feeling" (#6.07) it sang its "Grr Argh."
  • in "Storyteller" (#7.16) it sang, "We are as gods."
  • in "Chosen" (#7.22) it looked out at the viewers instead of looking straight-forward.
That famous piece of baroque music in the beginning (when Andrew imagines himself as as some kind of host in the style of 'Masterpiece Theatre') is the first movement of the 3rd Brandenburg Concerto in G minor by Johann Sebastian Bach.
When the Scoobies pressure Andrew for useful information about the evil Seal of Danzalthar, Andrew tries to squirm out of it by asking instead for a "cool, refreshing Zima." Buffy replies, "No Zima!" and Spike says, "Shut your face about the Zima, just talk." Jane Espenson, the writer of this episode and a co-executive producer of "Buffy," had some years before created the name "Zima" for the adult beverage while working for a marketing firm.
The flashback scene takes place in Mexico in 2002.
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