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All About Andrew
katierose2958 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes it seems like Andrew is the best thing about season seven. He just fits right in with everyone. He even makes Dawn more interesting. Andrew consistently adds humor and fun to a season that's often lacking both. I loved Jonathan and I have no idea when I forgave Andrew for killing him. But after seeing "Storyteller," I completely accepted Andrew as part of the Scoobie gang. "Storyteller" is Andrew's episode. It highlights his tendency to live inside his own fantasies and his guilt over his past "super villainy." You could understand the story arc this season without seeing this episode, but "Storyteller" does provide some genuine laughs in an increasingly dark season. I recommend that you see it.

"Storyteller" revolves around Andrew. He's gotten himself a video camera and is determined to film everything happening at the Summers' house. That way future generations will be able to see how they saved the world. Buffy is annoyed with his constant video taping. But most of the Scoobies are willing to let Andrew keep busy with his project... and star in his film. Meanwhile, the Hellmouth is getting more dangerous, infecting the students at Sunnydale High. Buffy needs to close it again, and in order to do that she needs Andrew. He opened the Hellmouth and she thinks that he might be able to close it again.

The Scoobies question Andrew, making him remember his life in Mexico. He recalls how the First as "Warren" came to visit him and made him buy a special knife. "Warren" promised that if Andrew killed Jonathan, they'd all live forever as gods. (The "we are gods!" visions Andrew shares with the others are really funny.) Realizing that the knife must be somehow connected to the Hellomouth seal, Buffy takes Andrew to Sunnydale High. There she threatens to use the knife on him, the way he did with Jonathan. She claims that Andrew is always living in fantasies it's time that he took some responsibility for his actions. Andrew begins to cry and says that he's sorry for killing Jonathan. As his tears hit the Hellmouth it closes. The episode ends with Andrew feeling far more subdued. He thinks that he'll probably die in the coming battle with the First, but he's determined to fight anyway.

There are some great parts to this episode, mostly involving Andrew. I really like Andrew video taping everyone in the kitchen. From his vision of a Buffy and Spike (wind blowing through her hair, while Spike circles around her shirtless), to Andrew walking away during one of Buffy's long winded speeches, to Xander's pleased smile at being called the "heart" of the Scoobies... It's just really fun. And Andrew's "flash backs" are hilarious. He's changed things around so suddenly he bravely fought Dark Willow in season six's "Two to Go." There are real clips from the episode inter-sliced with Andrew's new stilted bravery. It's so nutty that I just have to laugh. I like his interviews with everyone. He questions Xander and Anya about their failed wedding, causing them to grow closer. I especially like how Andrew plays Anya's part when he watches the interview later. He follows Spike around while Spike swears and throws cigarettes at him. The Andrew tells Spike that the lighting was wrong and Spike quick repositions himself and starts is whole "reluctant" routine over again. He films Buffy battling vampires, "How come vampire's show up on camera?" I don't know how valuable a "record" any of this stuff would be for future generations, but I certainly enjoy it. Also, I like Andrew saying that he got that knife from a guy who sold collapsible swords. It's a nice little nod to "Angel," where Wes bought those swords.

I think that there's a certain strength in Andrew. Like Spike, he's done some terrible things, but he's determined to do better. When the First tells him that it's too late to change in "First Date," Andrew refuses to believe that. He wants to be a White Hat and he's trying to prove himself to the Scoobies. He's wants to be accepted Buffy and he won't stop pushing until she sees him as one of the gang. He has no training or real powers, but he's willing to fight with the Scoobies. Andrew might be a nerd-y little follower, but he's growing up and finding himself this season. He's facing his past and reinventing himself as a better person.

On the down side, what happens to Andrew's tapes? I hope that they were on the bus in "Chosen" otherwise all this was just a waste of time...

My favorite part of the episode: The drawn out way Andrew says the word, "vampire." He makes it, "vam-PYRrrr" and usually adds this knowingly little nod. It just cracks me up every time I hear it. (On a side note, when Andrew guest stars on "Angel," in the season five episode "Damage," Angel does a dead on impression of Andrew's ridiculous pronunciation, making it even funnier.)
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The One With The Buffy Documentary...
Taylor Kingston18 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, you read that right, a Buffy documentary, courtesy of Andrew. I love this episode, it's just so fun to see Andrew making a documentary about Buffy and all over adventures.

In this episode, Andrew creates a very special documentary called, "Buffy, Slayer of the Vampires", which I just think is hilarious. He does this to record the current situation in Sunnydale that everyone is focusing on, the trouble with The First. He thinks it would be a good idea to have some sort of documentation to prove what Buffy did and how she saved the world. But, doing this comes with a price, it annoys the crap out of everyone.

Fun Fact: The episode was centered around Andrew as a way to make a possible Andrew spin-off, that didn't happen.

Overall, I give this episode an 8 out of 10, which in my ratings book is: Awesome.
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Andrew's redemption
Joxerlives13 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The Good; The wonderful Andrew in the kitchen fantasy sequence, all the straight to camera stuff and Spike's conceit towards the camera. The hilarious 'We are gods' sequence complete with unicorn. But who cares because the Cheese Man from Restless is back!

The Bad; Do we really believe that Andrew can read an ancient demon language and yet doesn't bother to translate what's on the knife? Wouldn't the Invisible Girl be a useful ally against the First? Or does it matter as the Bringers are blind anyway? Andrew says that Buffy has no steak knives, so what did she stab the Queller demon with?

Best line; Andrew (describing Dawn); "Bubbly and sweet with a hunger for fun and a smile that lights up the room"

Jeez!; According to Willow's research Greek cookbooks like to use goat's tongues. Let's hope the Supersizers don't get around to ancient Greece, I doubt even Sue and Giles could eat that (Giles Coren that is, not Rupert Giles). Exploding heads too although that's just implied.

Kinky dinky; Buffy apparently dreams of running for the bus whilst naked. Oddly whilst much of this ep confirms our suspicions of Andrew as gay he glosses over cute but unconventionally pretty Amanda in the kitchen scene for the blonde bimbo whose name he doesn't even know, a very hetero male thing to do. Anya is suspicious as to what Andrew is doing by himself in the bathroom with a video camera, stating that everyone else just masturbates in there. Anya and Xander get it on once more, in Spike's bed in the basement! Revenge for Xander having to put Spike up in his basement and closet? Anya comments that she's a 'spitfire' in bed whilst they both agree that this was an act of closure and comment that it's a shame Buffy took Spike's chains down. Dawn wears a remarkably revealing top, showing her now formidable cleavage off to all (I think the only reason they made Dawn into a centaur in the comics was an excuse to draw topless pictures of Michelle Tractenberg).

Captain Subtext; Willow and Kennedy kissing and totally ignored by Andrew? Hmmmmmm? The Playboy test for heterosexuality (enjoying the thought of 2 or more women together)and he failed it completely. Guess the pair got over the events of 'Get it done'. Andrew also thinks that the tension between Woods and Spike is sexual in nature. Note Spike is topless in Andrew's kitchen fantasy. Andrew also admires Xander's skill with his hands 'Extraordinary' and implies that he thinks Jonathon is cute. In his fantasy Andrew has Warren commenting he's good-looking. Andrew and Jonathon share a bed together whilst on the run. Andrew says that Jonathon promised to buy him a 'burro'.

Guantanamo Bay; The Scoobs don't hesitate to threaten and rough Andrew up.

Apocalypses; 7, Buffy says that there are 'hundreds upon hundreds' Turok-Han in her vision implying tens of thousands. OK, if they got out it would be bad but against 6 billion humans armed with all our technology would it really be the end of the world?

Kills: two vamps killed by Buffy

Scoobies go evil: Wood possessed by the seal. Buffy says she never went evil but she did try to kill everyone in Normal Again.

Sunnydale deaths; the poor student whose head explodes Scanner's style 105 Total number of scoobies: 30 or so, going to add Andrew to the mix Xander, Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Anya, Spike, Giles, Kennedy, Molly, Vi, Rhona, Amanda, Chao-Anh, Wood, Andrew plus an indeterminate number of potentials, at least a dozen or more.

Dawn in peril; 14

Dawn the bashful virgin; 9

What the fanficcers thought; The erotic adventures of the nerds a staple of much slash fiction.

Questions and observations; The invisible girl at school is reminiscent of Marcie in 'Out of sight, out of mind', as Joss said it's all about getting back to the first season. Buffy also refers back to The Witch in that everyone hates the cheerleaders and to Amanda's loathing of the marching band in Potential. Unless someone can correct me the last appearance of Warren and Jonathon in the series. The poor piglet is still running around, I'd always assumed the Turok-Han ate it. Surprising that Buffy still let's Amanda and Dawn go to SDH. Note that Jonathon just wants Buffy to stick to her car if she's supermagnetic but Warren more viciously wants sharp things to fly at her. The flesh coloured plaster joke rather reminds me of Bloom County, one of my favourite comic strips, anyone else remember it? Where do people always get flaming barrel's from? Is there a picket line at SDH? Good thing Buffy had Spike's chip removed or he wouldn't have been able to fight the students. We see how The First forms it's Bringers. The important thing of course is that Andrew doesn't cry tears of pain or fear but of remorse, he's sorry for what he did. Andrew refers to Xander as the heart of the Slayer machine just as he was in Primeval. Can anyone tell me what exactly Andrew mouths to Amanda in the kitchen after he says 'Not you sweetheart'? Buffy mentions running to catch a bus in one of her dreams although she doesn't know where it's going and indeed she does in Chosen (but not whilst naked). Andrew refers to buying the sacrificial knife from a weapons dealer who also sells collapsible swords (like Wes has on Angel) and poison arrows (like Faith used on Angel). Be sure to watch to the end to catch the GrrrArrggh demon singing "We are gods!" Last appearance of Warren and Jonathon although Adam Busch plays a VERY Warren like character in an episode of Terminator; The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Marks out of 10; 8/10 Andrew comes into his own.
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Extreme highs and extreme lows
roryhughevans12 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
For me this episode has some extremely good moments and also some extremely poor ones. This mainly works out as first three quarters = bad, last quarter = good.

As a character, Andrew provides some quality one liners and good comic relief but a whole episode focused on him just goes WAY too far. Buffy works best in it's darker moments that include some moments of humour, and not entire episodes set out for humour that include some darker moments. The entire video taping thing is just annoying, and takes ages to go anywhere. For the first ten minutes I got incredibly bored watching him just filming anything and everything, and the 'Andrew's imagination' sequences are cheesy and frankly just bad. Spike playing up to the camera is also a hideous moment for me that doesn't reflect Spike's actual character - he would NEVER have done that.

On the more positive side, once all the silly childish humour and annoying bits are over we're treated to a truly brilliant sequence. Buffy threatening to stab Andrew so that he'll admit what he really did and cry onto the seal to... er... seal it is one of my high points of the series. I didn't realise what was happening and was very sceptical of this dark moment until i realised the overall plan.

My episode highlight is Anya saying to Andrew: "why don't you just come in here to masturbate like everyone else"
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Storyteller? I think not. Storykiller is more like it.
s k11 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Pardoy of Alistair Cooke's "Masterpiece Theatre".

And as another reviewer already pointed out...the funniest line was at the very beginning...when Anya comes into the bathroom where Andrew is filming himself...and she says to him: "For G-d's sakes, Andrew. You've been in here for 30 minutes. What are you doing?" Andrew: "Entertaining and educating". Anya: "Why can't you just masturbate like the rest of us?" (The more I watch this series...the more I like Anya!!!)

There's filler. And then there's filler. And then there's "Storyteller".

On a scale of one to ten...where 10 is the best..."Storyteller" would be less than 1. It's the equivalent of the faint residue that might still be there after you clean your microwave after exploding a marshmallow inside it -- just for fun. The end (which, admittedly, is better than the other 40 minutes of this burner) clearly does not redeem the rest of this mess.

Xander and Anya go for a roll in the hay after opening up some feelings during Andrew's interview. But then they're not quite sure where to go from there.

Jonathan's blood helped to open the Seal of the Hellmouth. Andrew's tears helped to seal it. Great.
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