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  • Buffy runs from Glory with Dawn, meets the gang and feels that she is not able to defeat the powerful god. She decides to runaway from Sunnydale with Dawn and her friends and asks Spike to bring his recreation vehicle. However, they are followed and attacked by the Knights of Byzantium that want to kill The Key, Giles is seriously wounded while driving and the RV capsizes. They run to an abandoned construction and Willow uses magic to protect them. Buffy calls Ben to help Giles bringing also Glory.

  • Realizing they may never be able to vanquish Glory, Buffy and the gang decide to flee Sunnydale in Spike's R.V. to protect Dawn.


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  • With Glory now possessing knowledge that Dawn is the Key, Buffy and Dawn run for their lives, escaping thanks to Willow's magic and a large semi-truck slamming into Glory out on the street. The gang gathers in Xander's apartment, where Buffy resolves that they must get out of town. Spike solves the gang's transportation problem by providing a sun-protected RV.

    Ben talks to one of Glory's minions, revealing that he is just a human body encasing Glory's god form. The Knights of Byzantium retrieve their crazy member from the hospital, who babbles that the Key is the Slayer's sister. Giles, driving the RV, talks with a motion-sick Xander about Buffy's state of mind. Depressed and worried about their future plans, Buffy is comforted by Dawn until the Knights attack. A sword through the roof nearly kills Buffy, but Spike stops it with his bare hands. While Buffy battles the Knights from the top of the RV, one knight impales Giles with a flying spear, causing the RV to crash onto its side.

    The Scoobies rush to an abandoned gas station, where Buffy fends off the attackers until Willow erects a barrier spell. Meanwhile at the hospital, all those left crazy by Glory repeatedly mutter, "It's time."

    Spike suggests to Xander that they run, but Buffy refuses to let anyone die. Buffy captures the General, who reveals Glory's plan to use Dawn's blood to dissolve the boundaries between dimensions and destroy the universe. He also says that if Buffy kills Glory's human vessel, she can be destroyed. Buffy promises Dawn that she'll protect her.

    Realizing that Giles is seriously injured, Buffy arranges a deal with the Knights to allow Ben to safely pass; he stabilizes Giles, and then is left alone with the general, who suspects Ben is an outsider and tempts him with the idea of killing Dawn. Ben realizes that Glory is about to take over his body, but before he can get outside the forcefield, Glory comes forth. She kills the General, fights off the Scooby Gang to take Dawn, and bursts through the forcefield. By the time Willow releases the field, Glory has disposed of all the Knights and disappeared with Dawn. Knowing they have to move fast, everyone heads for Ben's car to chase after Glory. Losing Dawn to Glory has left the Slayer completely emotionally broken and she cannot bring herself to do anything when she should be going to save her sister.

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