"Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Faith, Hope & Trick (#3.3)"
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Reviews & Ratings for
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Faith, Hope & Trick (1998)

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Faith's first episode is a classic

Author: katierose295 from United States
1 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When Faith first showed up in this episode, I didn't like her very much. She was always "on," always causing problems and it really seemed like she was out to steal Buffy's life. It took me awhile to see past Faith's "bad-girl" facade and start understanding the lost, lonely person she is inside. As the season goes on, Faith makes some really bad choices and careens towards the Darkside. Ironically, it's when she at her lowest point, in "Consequences," that I start liking her. In the meantime, Faith offers some interesting new problems for Buffy to deal with and this episode sets the stage for the season long story arc to come.

"Faith, Hope and Trick," refers to Faith, the new Slayer; Scott Hope, Buffy's new boyfriend; And Mr. Trick, the cool new vampire henchman in town. All of them are introduced in this episode with differing results. To start with, Kendra's death at the hands of Dru last season has led to the creation of a new Slayer, Faith. Faith has allegedly come to town to meet Buffy and do a little Slayer-Slayer bonding. In reality she's running from the evil vampire Kokistos (Am I spelling that right? Meh...) who killed her watcher and wants her dead. Meanwhile, Buffy is finally allowed back into Sunnydale High and is struggling to pass make-up tests in all of her classes. Scott Hope, a fellow student, is attracted to her and begins asking her out. However, Buffy, still traumatized by what happened to Angel, is reluctant to date again. Mr. Trick, Kokistos' right hand vampire, also arrives to help track down Faith. The guy is pretty fun. He immediately sets a new standard for culinary creativity by calling for pizza then eating the delivery boy. Spike would be so pleased that someone finally found a Sunnydale restaurant that delivered.

Buffy is not thrilled to have Faith in Sunnydale. However the Scooobies and Joyce are impressed with the new Slayer. Giles sends Faith out patrolling with Buffy. Even Scott Hope seems interested in Faith's sultry flirting. Buffy claims that she's being "single white femaled." Faith accuses Buffy of being uptight. But, the two of them have to work together to beat Kokistos. And so begins the prickly, love/hate relationship that will carry them right into season seven.

Giles is also prying into the specifics of Buffy and Angels' fight in "Becoming Part Two." Claiming that he needs to know everything for a binding spell for Acathla, he asks about all the hows and whys of the battle. Where Angel was standing, what Buffy did, etc... In reality, he's just trying to get her to open up and talk about what's bothering her. Buffy finally breaks down and admits that Willow's spell worked at the last minute. Angel had regained his soul when she killed him. Feeling lighter after she tells the truth, Buffy goes to Angel's mansion and says good-bye. The scene fades to black... And then suddenly, everything starts shaking. The lights come back and Angel falls out of a portal. Alive. Well, undead, anyway.

There's a lot of good parts to this episode. It marks the beginning of the "there's no such thing as leprechauns" joke that will continue right into season five of "Angel." Plus, you gotta like Willow and Xander's guided tour of Sunnydale High and Oz's "How I became a werewolf" tale. "Got bit." Really funny. Of course, "Faith, Hope and Trick" also marks the start of Angel's return, which is reason enough to like it. Even if he doesn't really get to do anything until the next episode. And Giles' gentle prodding into Buffy and Angel's fight, is really sweet. He gets her to confide in him so she can move on with her life. Honestly, the writing in this episode is all top notch. The dialog and pacing is excellent. It seems like the episode accomplishes so much in such a short time.

The episode has a continuing theme of facing the past and dealing with it head on. Faith is trying to run from Kokistos. Buffy is trying to run from the memory of Angel. But both of them have to confront the very thing that they're trying to avoid. Kokistos is also living in the past. His out-dated vengeance schemes and inability to let go leads to his death. Mr. Trick, being a "modern vampire" is much more willing to just walk away. Willow and Xander are willing to face the past, as well. They show Faith around Sunnydale High, cheerily listing all the horrors that they've faced there. Joyce, is less accepting. Upon learning that Buffy died once, she decides that she doesn't want to face any more details of her daughter life. But, "Faith, Hope and Trick" doesn't allow anyone to take the easy way out. No one can run from their pasts, because it always catch up to them in the end.

A few problems with the episode, how could Faith have so many vampire fighting adventures? She was just called up a few months back, when Kendra died. She sure has crammed a lot of stakings into her short Slayer-life. Also, do vampire's naturally develop hooves as they get older or was Kokistos ancient and cloven before he became a vampire how ever many years ago? Actually, it's the same problem I have with the Master. Why does he look like that? And the Uber-vamps of season seven just add another question mark to my understanding of vampiric-evolution. One thing I do know, if Spike and Angel ever start looking like the Master or this Kokistos guy,... they're not gonna be happy.

My favorite part of the episode: Mr. Trick's analysis of Sunnydale. "Admittedly it's not a haven for the brothers. Strictly, the Caucasion persuasion here in the Dale. But, ya just gotta stand up and salute that death rate." Who doesn't love that guy?

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7 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Faith! Faith! Faith! Faith!

Author: Joxerlives from United Kingdom
8 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Faith, Hope and Trick

The Good; Faith. Need I really say any more? Faith dancing and fighting is great but also the scenes where we get to see her terrified, more vulnerable side. Love the scenes where Buffy is being single-white-femaled by Faith which she takes with surprising good humour. And Angel's back, yay! Love Joyce sticking it to Snyder and the uncoupling scene at Buffy's picnic.

The Bad; The idea of Mr Trick being able to order children online as food is just too horrible for words

Best line; Mr Trick "Admittedly not a haven for the bruthas, strictly of the Caucasion persuasion here in the Dale" just beating Xander's wonderful "People say kids don't learn anything at High School. well I learnt, I learnt to be afraid!"

Tied up; no but presumably Faith was handcuffed when she was arrested

Kinky dinky; Now that Faith is on the scene I expect to have a great deal more to write in this column. She starts off with naked slaying and alligator wrestling and saying Slaying makes you 'hungry and horny' (of course in 'Get It Done' we discover why Slayers have these sort of feelings). And of course, the writers find an excuse for nude Angel too. According to Willow, Buffy has a thing she does with her mouth that 'boys like'. Hmmmmm? Xander calls Buffy a slut. Buffy's fondling of the letter opener is reminiscent of her stroking the crystal in 'Helpless'. Cordy refers to Faith as 'Slut-o-rama' but also suggests that she dress up as a Slayer and put a stake to Xander's throat, a sex game he seems keen on.

Calling Captain Subtext; Faith obviously hungers for both a mother and father figure, commenting on Giles' 'youth and beauty' and obviously enamoured of Joyce, saying she's really cool (something I suspect Buffy and Dawn would also think but never say). Joyce says she likes Faith and Buffy describes Joyce as the 'best mom ever'. Faith's line about her 'Dead mother hitting harder than that' is loaded with not so hidden meaning. Faith has not only never knew her dad but lost her mother and also her female Watcher making her pretty desperate for some maternal/paternal love. So I pronounce this Jaith and Gaith. She also starts putting the moves on Scott Hope, the beginning of a long tradition of stealing Buffy's boyfriends (Buffy is still touchy when Faith mentions Angel). BUT even Buffy describes Faith as 'personable' the beginning of the biggest subtext in the series. Joyce actually refers to marching in the 'Slayer pride parade' again likening being the Slayer to being gay.

Questions and observations; The introduction of Mr Trick and Faith, the series just never looking back from this point. Kakistos seems to not be killable with a regular stake. Like The Master he seems to be so old that he's devolving into a Turok-Han. Martha Stewart is mentioned as she is later revealed by Anya to be a witch. Giles' subtle efforts to get Buffy to reveal the truth about what happened to Angel (another point against Normal Again, Buffy never knows about this). There are no leprechauns in the Buffyverse but judging by DB's attempts at an Irish accent and Charmed's efforts in that direction we should be grateful. Faith's dead Watcher was female, the first we've heard about. I know some people think that she was killed during Faith's Cruciamentum which we'll later see in Helpless but that happens when a Slayer turns 18 and Faith is younger than Buffy who is 17 (Buffy refers to Faith as her little sister, at least until Dawn comes along). Giles loves to kayak. Couldn't the Watcher's Council pay for Faith to have a better apartment? Or couldn't she live with Giles or Buffy and Joyce (Dawn's room isn't being used yet). Mr Trick is right, not many visible ethnic minorities in Sunnydale but I've been to Santa Barbara which it's apparently based on and it's a pretty accurate representation. Giles warns Willow for the first time about abuse of magic. You can make fire from ice and it doesn't take magic. Presumably Khakisto's scar doesn't heal because Faith inflicted it with some form of enchanted weapon, like Spike's with the Chinise Slayer. Joyce comments on Buffy being an only child and learns for the first time that Buffy died. You wonder what Dawn makes of Faith? She resents her when they first meet in season 7 but what's her attitude on season 3?

Why no commentaries on all these brilliant episodes? Crap like Reptile Boy gets them but not classics like this? Please Joss, if you need a few million dollars to finance your next project just sit down with the cast and do some commentaries for Buffy; Special Edition DVDs, we'd all buy them.


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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

The One With Faith...

Author: Taylor Kingston from Australia
8 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this episode. Mainly, because it's the first episode with Faith, who is one of my favorite characters in the entire show. Even when she turns evil.

In this episode, we meet Faith, another Slayer. Everyone realizes how another Slayer can exist, there was Buffy and then she died, then Kendra was called and she died, and now Faith takes Kendra's place. Anyway, a mysterious man, Mr. Trick, comes to visit the town of Sunnydale, looking for the Slayer. Everyone assumes he means Buffy, but it turns out that he means Faith. I love it when Mr. Trick goes through a drive-thru, in a limo, orders a Coke, and then eats the window-door worker. Buffy and Faith eventually face off against Mr. Trick's minions, and dust them all. Then Buffy finds out the real reason that Faith is here. Her Watcher was killed, and she fled from the vampire, who is so old, his hands and feet are cloven, by the way. Eventually, the two Slayer's team up and kill the old vampire, whilst Mr. Trick gets away. Faith and Mr. Trick become important and semi-permanent members of the cast.

Something else I love about this episode. The title. Did you know it has an actual reason for being called Faith, Hope & Trick? I found out that it is simply the names of three characters who make their first appearance in this episode. Faith Lehane, Scott Hope and Mr. Trick.

Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10.

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A new Slayer in town

Author: Realrockerhalloween from United States
1 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Faith, Hope and Trick shows Buffy awaiting to attend school while trying to move on with her life as she meets a new guy and a new slayer arrives in town. A master vamp Kakistos follows after her in retaliation for scaring him. I find it interesting her reputation is growing around the world about her exploits as Faith mentions she uses a rocket longer once along with a few stories of her own saving a church bus and wrestling alligators in the buff. Faith has attitude, charismatic and very likable with her laid back personality mixed with her wild fighting style.

Kakistos is one scary dude from his cloven make up to his uncounted thirst for vengeance lurking in the shadows for Faith. I find it fascinating how much he differs from the master as he seems to still have a human appearance and no ordinary stake can slay him. It also shows a difference between the slayers as Faith had an abusive mother, no friends ran from her master instead of facing him and without Buffy most likely die at a young she to call the next.

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