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Plot Summary

  • Xander minds Oz, caged in the library for his lunar werewolf nights, but dozes off; a boy is kill in the woods and the window is open, so Faith takes second watch. Buffy dates gentle Scott Hope and takes mandatory school counseling with Mr. Platt, who says she must conquer her 'demon', obsession with a lost love. Looking for the werewolf, Buffy bumps into Angel, now a half-naked beast, and locks him up cuffed to chains in the mausoleum but tells nobody, not even Giles who says even after centuries of torture in the hell-dimension he may still be a redeemable monster, then finds Platt, murdered during the day. Scotty's school friends Pete Clarner and Debbie Foley share a horrible secret. The gangs suspects them because of links to the victims, meanwhile Angel breaks his chain...

    - Written by KGF Vissers
  • When a student is found savagely mauled in the woods, all suspicions point to Oz, as he's a werewolf during the three-night period of the full moon. However, when Buffy discovers that Angel is back on Earth after apparently enduring hundreds of years of torture in the realm of Hell, and his personality has been reduced to nothing more than a wild animal, she fears that he may be the killer. But unknown to Buffy, Faith or the rest of the gang, the killer is a friend of Scott Hope's, named Pete, who periodically transforms himself into an Incredible Hulk-type rage-beast to kill anyone he suspects that his abused girlfriend, Debbie, confides in with his abuse towards her.

    - Written by Alex
  • Oz becomes the prime suspect when a series of animal-like attacks occurs in Sunnydale.

    - Written by attolia


The night before a full moon, Willow reads from "Call of the Wild" to an agitated Oz locked up in the library cage...

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