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"Bronco" Meets Ben Cartwright!!!
zardoz-1325 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Interesting casting distinguishes this episode of "Bronco" with guest star Lorne Greene playing a Union Navy officer navigating his way through the west in "Prairie Skipper." Captain Amos Carr (Lorne Greene of "Bonanza") and Bronco stumble onto each other in the middle of the wilderness as our eponymous hero is driving a herd of cattle as the trail boss. Bronco has lost his way because he couldn't find a suitable place to take his herd across a river. Meantime, Texas native Tom Barkley (Stephen Chase of "The Blob") and twenty gun hands have been scouring the countryside for his wife Miranda (Arlene Howell) who he claims has been kidnapped. Eventually, we learn that Miranda is Carr's wife, but Miranda pits every man against every other man, and she has been two-timing not only Amos but also Barkley. This episode packs extra action because Bronco's ramrod Jed Thomas (Bing Russell of "The Magnificent Seven") is the foreman for the man that assigned Bronco to drive the cattle. They are constantly at odds with each other, and Miranda aggravates the predicament when she hurls herself at Bronco. Eventually, Amos and Tom realize that they're being duped by the wily female. Chiefly, this episode is memorable because future Ponderosa owner Greene is on hand. Television series regular Mickey Simpson plays a good guy for a change who happens to be Amos Carr's bosun. The appearance of a naval officer in the old west riding in a wagon with a small cannon is sufficiently offbeat to add to the novelty factor.
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