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In the voice of Jason McCord:

I was riding along one day and heard a army regiment who were in a canyon hiding. One of the men was singing to the others. When I spotted the Apache smoke signles, I knew there would soon be trouble. I confronted Corporal Johnny Macon and told him they were about to be attacked. I didn't have a lot of time to tell him who I was or why I knew, but I told him my name and told him I used to be a Captain in the army. I knew what I was talking about. I ordered him to put out the fires and break camp...NOW!

But my order was too late. The Apaches were upon us and all we could do was fight with everything we had. Several died. Corporal Macon and two other soldiers were still alive and we were hiding from the Indians. Macon was upset at how the soldiers were killed. I told him he'd have to go for help. We had no other way! He left to do my bidding when the renegade Apaches attacked again.

I put up a good fight, but Chief Wateekah captured me and took me back to their camp. For the rest of the day, he argued with me. He told me the black people were weak. Why would they want to be on our side? We should be their Indians. I told him I was fighting for the right of everyone. It was the renegades who made the Indians look bad, and some of the dark people knew that. This dark man was going to be on my side, and I knew it. He told me I had until morning for this "dark" man to rescue me, then he would hang me out for the buzzards.

I didn't know it, but Corporal Macon was put under arrest by the Major for abandoning his men. The Major wasn't impressed that he had taken orders from me, a coward. The Corporal assured the Major I was no coward, but the Major wanted to hear none of it. He could possibly go before the firing squad.

The next morning, my "friend" hadn't shown up, so the Chief and his friends dragged me behind a horse and hung me from trees with rawhide in the hot son where I would die a slow, agonizing death.


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