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Marcia gets into trouble
jaybabb22 June 2006
Lead in this episode: Marcia Marcia decides to nominate Mike into the "Father of the year" contest that the local newspaper is sponsoring. In the process, she gets into all sorts of trouble. First, She is given extra chores to do for violating bedtime regulations. Then when she doesn't do them, Mike grounds her for a week. She have stay in her room during that time. Then She reads in the paper that the deadline for entries for the contest is the next day, so she sneaks out the window in the middle of the night to mail the letter.

Mike & carol plan to take the family on a ski trip, but Marcia is caught coming back in the house by the window and now Marcia have to stay with her grand parents instead of going on the ski trip.

Now it all depends on whether Mike wins the "Father of the year" Award or not. Does he win, or will it be the worst year in Marcia's life? Watch and find out.

This is one of the best episodes of the first season.
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