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Enjoy your childhood
callanvass25 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Cory's friends have fancy water guns. Cory doesn't have one at all. He pleads with his family to get him one but they simply can't afford it. Cory pines to be an adult, so he can afford to buy nice things. He coerces Mr. Feeny into painting his shutters. Feeny will give Cory the money if he does a good job. Cory doesn't take it seriously, and finishes the job haphazardly. He initially gets the money, until Cory's dad intervenes, telling him to do it over. Cory's dad gets concerned over Cory doing so much work, and tells Cory to be an 11 year old again. Not only does Cory learn that the real Superman, might just be his Dad, but Cory quickly learns that being an adult isn't much fun at all. This episode hits all the right notes from beginning to end. Not only is it realistic but true to life as well. Let's face it. When you are a kid, you complain about the trials and tribulations about not getting what you want, when you want. You think life as an adult would be much less complicated, and a lot more fun. That perception changes in a HUGE way when you are an adult. Your adolescence is absolutely precious. I learned that the hard way. Water guns were huge at this juncture. I remember I loved them as a kid, so this was a fun throwback to that for me. The ending is absolutely a screamer. I literally laughed and clapped simultaneously during it. Lily Nicksay steals every scene during the ending with her hilarious showcase as the little sister. I dare you not to laugh, or at least smile at the ending. This episode will make you feel like a kid again, and maybe even make you wish that you were 11 year old as well.

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