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Shawn Hunter: [Jon Turner is in a coma] Jon, how could you be in here? How could you screw up on your bike? I have never seen you screw up on anything. I'm the screw-up, remember? C'mon you remember...Don't do this to me, Jon. I don't do alone real good...I know you're in there but it's like you're not really here. You're not talking but I know you're here. So I'm just gonna talk, you can listen. Jon, even when I was at the Centre, it was all the things you taught me that made me wonder if it was the right place for me or not. But you didn't teach me enough. You, and Cory, and my parents, and the Matthews and the handful of people who really care about me, so don't blow me off, Jon! Don't blow me off, God! I never asked you for anything before and I never wanted to come to you like this, but don't take Turner away from me; he's not yelling at me yet. God, you're not talking but I know you're here, so I'm gonna talk, and you can listen. God, I don't wanna be empty inside anymore.

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Shawn Hunter: Okay, everyone have a peaceful night. I'm going back to The Centre.

Alan Matthews: Oh, no. Whoa, whoa. No, you're not. While your parents are out of town you are our responsibility.

Amy Matthews: That means you're staying here in this house.

Shawn Hunter: Yeah. Mr. Mack told me that people like you would try to talk me out of my beliefs.

Amy Matthews: Shawn, we love you.

Shawn Hunter: He said you'd say that.

Alan Matthews: All right, fine. That's enough. Get him in the house and tie him up.

George Feeny: Shawn, these aren't beliefs. This is just a way to escape a life that doesn't have beliefs.

Shawn Hunter: That's a judgment.

George Feeny: You're damn right it is.

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Jonathan Turner: [to Shawn] I'm one of the handful people that cares about you. You know? I mean, your parents are busy, trying to work out their marriage. So are they.

[referring to Cory and Topanga]

Topanga Lawrence: Study hall?

Cory Matthews: Make out?

Topanga Lawrence: [playfully firm] Cory!

Cory Matthews: [imitates Topanga's tone] Topanga!

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