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Kip wants Sonny to meet his folks so they are invited to "60 Seconds Street" for the event. All seems normal and his parents and Kip, Sonny and Henry depart for a family gathering with Uncle Rudy. After looking at some nostalga photos of the boys growing up, dinner is ready and Kip`s dad makes some comments about Sonny`s looks insulting his wife in the process. Dinner gets progressively worse as Kip`s mother throws out sarcastic comments back at her husband. She finally gets up and leaves and the dinner party ends. Back at the hotel, Kip comes into the lobby as his dad is apologizing to Sonny. Kip decides to reveal his secret to dad and takes him up to the apartment. Kip`s father misses his wife and Kip sets up a meeting in the hotel lounge. It is ackward at first but eventually apologies are made and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are together again.


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