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"Bonanza" The Unwritten Commandment (1966)

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Four years after the death of his wife, Willard Walker shuts out life and throws himself into working his land. His son, Andy, has a great talent for singing. Andy had no formal music training, but his mother was a singer and taught him by her example and joy for life. She also sang at the Virginia City church and travelled to Europe and sang as well. But she died four years earlier and for Andy's father, the music died with her. He forbids his son to sing even while working. In town, Andy goes with Little Joe to the saloon, but instead of having a beer, Andy is drawn to the singing. The saloon gal offers to give Andy singing lessons. Andy asks his father, but his father says no. Andy leaves home and eventually goes to work for the Ponderosa, with his father refusing to reach out to his son. Eventually he comes to the Silver Dollar and guilts Andy into returning home and giving up singing. Ben feels that Willard is missing out on his son's gift and arranges to have the preacher come ask Andy to sing for Easter service, intending that Willard come along. Willard says the boy can decide, then he stubbornly refuses to go to service, deciding to clear a field on Easter Sunday and we are left until the end to see if he will come around and honor his son with his presence at the service.


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