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Singing for your supper
bkoganbing17 June 2016
A few references to the departed Adam Cartwright are made in this Bonanza story where young Wayne Newton guest stars along with Anne Jeffreys. There's even a part here for Newton's older brother Jerry Newton as Jeffreys accompanist on the piano.

Young Wayne plays the son of widower Malcolm Atterbury who wants his son to tend to farming. Jeffreys hears him singing and she and the piano player offer to give him some singing lessons. Singing in a saloon is not a place he favors.

The Cartwrights take him in and they even let him use Adam's guitar. In fact we learn that Adam is making the grand tour of Europe.

How does it all get resolved? Let's say that a venue is found for Newton's singing that Atterbury can't object to.

The series regulars are in a backseat to the singing of both Anne Jeffreys and Wayne Newton.
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on the scale 1 to 10.... 11
Thomas00115 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If the rating had 11, I would click on that. To me, this show was about a boy growing up and wanting to follow his own ideas in life. This is so admirable. From the opposing side, there is Andy's father wanting to have things his way, up to the breaking point. This is so typical. Andy ends up in two new environments, one is a saloon with an "older woman" and his daytime job is a hard working farm, but with understanding people. In the end, they all work it out .... I like happy endings. (I suppose this could be a spoiler to some readers.)

The music was delightful, fitting perfectly, Wayne Newton was terrific. I wonder if the guitar music at the ranch (using Adam's old guitar) was Wayne's own. Unusual style, and another 11.
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