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Howard Borden: Are we gonna chit-chat all night or are we gonna play Scrabble?

Emily Hartley: Well of course we're going to play Scrabble ,Howard... it's your turn.

Howard Borden: Good! I win ,I used all my letters.

Emily Hartley: [Looks at it doubtfully and spells] Z-O-O-P-H-Y-T-E?

Howard Borden: [Firmly] Zoophyte!


Corrine Murdock: I challenge you Howard Borden,there's no such word as Zoophyte!

Howard Borden: There is so! Zoophyte... uh ,a disagreement between 2 or more animals in a zoo.

Corrine Murdock: Excuse me Howard ,I don't mean to doubt you... but that's bull. Words were my business ,I used to work in a library.

Howard Borden: [Defensive] Well, I've been to a lot of zoos!

Emily Hartley: [Checking dictionary ,then surprised] I don't believe it ,there is such a word.

Corrine Murdock: [Timidly] It was a very small library.

Emily Hartley: [to Howard] ... but it doesn't mean two animals fighting ,it's a kind of sponge.

Howard Borden: W-well ,that's what I meant. The last time I was at the zoo ,the sponges were going at it hammer & tongs!

Howard Borden: [pause as the ladies can't believe it] Well! Let me see that's 368 points for me and ZERO for you two. Tough noogies! Ha-ha!

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