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"Black Adder the Third" Nob and Nobility (1987)

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Not as good as Episode 2, but Nob and Nobility is still great.

Author: general-melchett from United Kingdom
31 October 2006

Blackadder has never had foreign tastes, but it has in this one, which is based around the French Revolution. A promising, original idea is once again translated well to the silver screen, and with gusto. The French Ambassador is very good in his role, as is the Comte de Frou Frou, and whilst Blackadder on death row is not a particularly original idea, this episode once again shows how he never gets irritated in any situation and is always cruel to those he is stuck with. The bit when Blackadder kicked the cat in the air is not exactly genius, but it is hilarious, and shows that we are in for another corker of an episode. Blackadder is very nasty to the French, but he hates everything and everyone, and this intelligently-written, very funny episode shall prove that fact even further. Another great episode - Series 3 has recaptured the funny heights of Series 2 (though never recaptured its success), and is a very enjoyable watch. Bravo! 9/10

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The Black Pimpernel

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
20 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Revolution is sweeping through France and the mysterious Scarlet Pimpernel is the talk of London; Blackadder is not impressed. As he tells Prince George and his buffoonish friends Lords Lord Smedley and Topper there is nothing impressive about popping over to France and bringing back an aristocrat. The two lords challenge Blackadder to do just that and he accepts their wager… of course he has no intention of actually doing that; he decides to lay low for a week, find a recently rescued aristocrat then deliver him to the French embassy. The plans goes perfectly until they get to the embassy and find it has been taken over by revolutionaries! Will Baldrick come up with a cunning plan? Will the Pimpernel save them? Will Blackadder get away with his scam?.

This is another fine episode with plenty to laugh at; the mocking of French cuisine, Prince George's inability to put on a pair of trousers unaided and the contents of Baldrick's trousers to mention just three. The story is of course rather silly but that is the fun of it. The ending is particularly amusing and classic Blackadder. Tim McInnerny, who played Lord Percy in the first two series makes a welcome return, this time playing Lord Topper; there are also fun turns from Nigel Planer, as Smedley, and Chris Barrie as the revolutionary who murdered the ambassador and turned him into pâté. Overall a fine episode which rivals the Carry On team's 'Don't Lose Your Head' when it comes to making comedy about the Pimpernel story.

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The most underrated of all Blackadders.

Author: Dr Moo from United Kingdom
2 December 2014

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This is one episode that is often forgotten about, probably because the dictionary episode "Ink And Incapability" precedes it. That's a shame because this is a very good episode and sees the return of Tim McInnerny to the show. He'd quit for fear of typecasting but he's back for this episode and will return with a completely different character for series four.

His character is Lord Topper, who with fellow french-man Lord Smedley, challenges Edmund to go to revolutionary France, rescue an aristocrat and present them at the french embassy ball. Edmund doesn't do that. Instead he goes to the shop and collects one, Le Compte De Frou Frou, telling him to play along and he'll get a share of the cash and never have to eat horse-willy again, which I suppose is a plus.

This episode is the ones that mocks 'Le Pimpernelle Scarlette' as Edmund, Baldrick and Frou Frou get locked up by a revolutionary who has killed the ambassador and turned him into pate. Frou Frou is taken away and the next morning Madame Guillotine arrives with the intention to kill the two remaining prisoners.

The excellent reveals from here on out reveal Guillotine to be Smedley in disguise - He's the Scarlet Pimpernel! - only for him to have been got by the pill in the glass routine before the reveal and dying in a rather odd manner. Then we learn that there's a second pimpernel in the form of Topper who is in fact Le Compte De Frou Frou!

I'll end this review with my score: 8/10. Now if you don't mind I'd like to jump into this corner............... ......... .............. ......................................................

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Topper and Smedey snuff it!

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
5 June 2010

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It's French fever in London. All anyone seems to be able to talk about are the exploits of the Scarlet Pimpernel and his exploits as he spirits aristocrats out of revolutionary France. As expected, Black Adder couldn't care less and wishes everyone would just shut up about him. However, when the thicky, George, makes a bet with friends that Edmund could also save a French aristo, Edmund jumps at the idea. He figures on hiding out in town for a week and paying a down-and-out Frenchman to pretend to have been rescued by him. Unfortunately, the plan falls apart when Edmund actually IS taken prisoner by French revolutionaries. And it becomes worse when Edmund accidentally murders a few people in the process! Overall, not a great episode but one worth seeing. A plus is seeing Tim McInnerny ('Percy' from the first two Blackadder shows). Plus, the ending is pretty funny.

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