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Adam Howard: [Nick walks into Adam Howard's office] Well now, another Barkley. Wouldn't it save time if you all came down here at once?

Nick Barkley: I'd like to ask you a few questions, Mr. Howard.

Adam Howard: I don't have to answer it, Mr. Barkley.

Nick Barkley: Well, you're gonna hear 'em anyway.

Adam Howard: You're quite wrong. I have some business to discuss with these men. Now, will you please excuse me.

Nick Barkley: Well, I have some business to discuss with you, Mr. Howard. It's about water.

Adam Howard: I've said all I'm going to say about that water.

Nick Barkley: Why you doin' this to us?

Adam Howard: You ask your brother Jarrod. Now get outta here, Barkley!

Nick Barkley: What's Jarrod got to do with it?

Olson: [Olson stands up] Now you heard Mr. Howard. Now get going.

Nick Barkley: I don't want any trouble.

[Nick turns as if to leave and then pivots back to hit Olson resulting in a fight between Nick and three of Howard's men]

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Heath Barkley: Where you headin'?

Nick Barkley: To see Howard.

Heath Barkley: Jarrod asked us to wait a couple of days. You said you would, Nick.

Nick Barkley: If you recollect, I said I'd think about it. And the more I think about waiting for Judge Lawson, and now waiting for the court in Sacramento, and then maybe waiting for the Supreme Court, I think it best that you and Jarrod stay here. I'll see to Howard.

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Heath Barkley: [an unconscious Nick has just been dumped out of a wagon back at the Barkley ranch] Nick? Nick, are you hurt?

Nick Barkley: How'd I get here?

Heath Barkley: Somebody just delivered you in a wagon.

Nick Barkley: Adam Howard.

Heath Barkley: Looks like that talk didn't work out.

Nick Barkley: We didn't talk! Anyway, it's all right with me. I'm through talkin' anyway. Gonna get them cattle to water.

Heath Barkley: Think you're gonna get through that fence?

Nick Barkley: That's what I think.

Heath Barkley: Just like that?

Nick Barkley: Just like that. The cattle and the men are all ready to go. You going with us or not?

Heath Barkley: Nick, that's big trouble.

Nick Barkley: Then stay here!

Heath Barkley: I'll get saddled.

Nick Barkley: C'mon

[Nick leads his horse over to the trough so he can clean up]

Jarrod Barkley: [Jarrod rides in and sees Nick] What happened to you?

Nick Barkley: Your friend Howard is what happened to me.

Jarrod Barkley: I told you to stay away from him!

Nick Barkley: I know what you told me! But I've got a whole herd of thirsting cattle out there! And for your information, I'm taking them on to the Brady's Creek!

Jarrod Barkley: Then I trust you've made arrangements at the local funeral parlor.

Nick Barkley: No more talk! We tried it your way, Jarrod! We tried it! It did not work!

Jarrod Barkley: Now you listen to me, Nick! What you're planning to do is wrong. Dead wrong! And if you think I'm going to let that hard head of yours get you killed, you've got another think coming.

[Jarrod moves to take Nick's horse away]

Nick Barkley: Wait! Wait a minute, Jarrod. Will you wait a minute?

[Nick takes the reins of his horse and then spins around hitting Jarrod, knocking him out]

Nick Barkley: I'm uh sorry, big brother.

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