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"Battlestar Galactica: 33 (#1.1)"
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Reviews & Ratings for
"Battlestar Galactica" 33 (2004)

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15 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Best Series Premiere In History!

Author: startrekmaniac from Canada
5 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Right off the bat we start in the midst of intense action and pressure, clock is ticking for something, but they don't reveal what it is right away which is genius. Right off the start they are exhausted, barely surviving, no time to rest. So much better than any other show in existence yet, the entire show we are drawn in.

Even better, right off the first episode the newly elected president is forced to order the destruction of an entire civilian ship in fear that there is a cylon aboard, Apollo and starbuck also face the task of being the trigger pullers.

It works, but it really puts into question whether or not there is such a thing as the right thing to do, what is the limit to the right thing to do, how many lives does it take for that right thing to become a wrong thing.

And to conclude, the population of the earth is so small and you can see in Roselyn's face that she hates to put the numbers down, and the loss of the Olympic traveler and the mysterious professor bearing information on a traitor in their midst. The best part is when Billy announces that a baby was born, and they can put the population up one, that was a great moment in the show.

I am sorry, this is really the conclusion. Gaeus Baltar, the genius who sees cylon number six in his head is worried that the professor will expose him, and then six tells him to have faith in God and what happens? They get left behind, but when he loses faith they make it back so after she convinces him again the destruction of the Olympic traveler is ordered. Coincidence or true divine power? I guess that's for the viewers to decide, one thing is for certain, God or the Gods have a very important role in many of the characters in BSG and in the plot itself. With all this I say this was an awesome way to start a promising series, I bought season 1, season 2.0 and season 2.5 so I know it gets better, I just want to share my love for this remarkable better than the original series.

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:


Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
3 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After the excellent introduction to the new Battlestar Galactica in the miniseries of 2003 it is not surprising that a full series was commissioned. This first episode starts off just after the events shown in the miniseries. The fleet is being pursued by the Cylons, every time they jump the Cylons catch up with them thirty three minutes later causing them to jump again. After doing this for several days everybody is exhausted, short tempered and starting to make mistakes. After one jump one of the ships, a liner carrying over a thousand people, gets lost. Strangely thirty three minutes later the Cylons don't appear this time. It looks like things are going well at last when the liner reappears claiming to have had problems with its jump drive. Something is wrong however, it is flying directly towards the fleet and ignores warnings for it to stop so that it can be confirmed that it wasn't compromised when it was left behind. As it gets closer the Cylons reappear and a tough decision has to be made. While all this is going on aboard the fleet we learn that Helo is alive on Caprica and fleeing from the Cylons; at one point it appears that he has been captured but a friendly face comes to his rescue... strange that we know that she is also flying a raptor at the time.

This was a great first episode for the series proper; the viewer can almost feel the crew's exhaustion as the whole cast looked genuinely fatigued, this was especially true of the overstretched deck crew. The destruction of a ship than may have had a thousand people on board showed that the series was not about to lighten up, if anything things are getting bleaker than they were in the miniseries; at least there the losses were due to enemy action. There is a small amount of light relief in the form of Gaius Baltar who continues to have conversations with Cylon number Six, whether he is going mad, under Cylon influence or something else altogether is unclear, James Callis and Tricia Helfer are great together as Baltar and Six. I was pleased to see that Helo is still around and it will be interesting to see how things go now he has been reunited with 'Boomer'.

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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

to be continued

Author: nemod12 from Netherlands
7 October 2011

I am writing this review, and i have seen the complete show carefully and many times now. First i want to say that the bad comments and reviews i've read before on IMDb, all over the show, I truly believe that they all never really got the big picture here. This wasn't meant for them to understand(yet)?! But there were plenty of reviews that i cannot compare to yet. They confirmed just the things i knew already. This is the best 4 year movie the human race has ever met/made. And yes, it is a drama in the first place and the science fiction, well, you get that for free with it. You have to have a deep soul to watch this, cause it makes you cry for sure at times. But it is that what makes it so damn good. It is not just a show. it is just art in its purest form. It does let you almost feel as if you are on the Battlestar Galactica yourself.

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Ruined by an implausible plot line, over sentimentality and worst of all too much religion

Author: george-dyson from Canada
15 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I bought this series based on its previous reviews and I just cannot say how disappointed I am with this series. This review may contain spoilers

The constant reference to God being behind this whole saga is just ridiculous and nauseating.

Then to think that viper pilots would question commands to destroy the passenger ship would be downright dereliction of duty.

Then to think that the loss of some civilians would have any impact on what are essentially fighters based on US troops is downright laughable considering the way the US normally conducts a war.

The dialog is stilted and the plot line very weak. Clearly with the size of the Cyclon forces, they would completely annihilate and old star cruiser like the Galactica in no time.

Definitely a very poor sci-fi series in my opinion.

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3 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

There's no middle ground regarding this series

Author: Paularoc from United States
12 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've read well over a hundred reviews of this show and one thing is clear, people either love it or hate it. For me, it was hands down the most boring show I have ever seen, but given all the positive reviews I suffered through to the end of the pilot episode. The camera work is abysmal, not artistic; the characters are two-dimensional and often unlikable, the acting spotty, the production values barely adequate, but most of all it is neither entertaining nor interesting. Olmos mumbles and stumbles through his role and McDonnel's character is blah. Even so, given the huge number of rave reviews, I am tempted to try another few episodes. It has got to get better and maybe the pilot episode was necessarily boring to establish all the background elements needed to provide a logical development of the storyline. Maybe.

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34 out of 77 people found the following review useful:

This Is The First Day of the New Era of Science Fiction TV!!

Author: Ricimer from United States
26 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After seeing the pilot Miniseries, I liked the show, but the thrown-back in your seat first regular episode is what made me throw up my hands and say "Best. Series. Ever." When Scifi Channel premiered the series, they ended the first night with a "this year on Battlestar Galactica" quick set of clips, and at the end Zarek says "This *is* the first day of the New Era!" And on my couch I just couldn't help but shout "YES!": Science fiction television had been reborn.

It's hard to do a Battlestar Galactica review and not have the recent cancellation of Star Trek come up (well, in the first season), because that's how you can understand how it "re-invented" TV science fiction. Long story short, the last "good" Star Trek was Deep Space Nine. After this, executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga created Voyager, which was seen as the downturn of the franchise, and Enterprise, in which so many mistakes were made that Star Trek was canceled. Ron D. Moore, creator of BSG, was a disgruntled old DS9 writer, who quite literally, fixed every single thing that Star Trek was doing wrong which led to it's cancellation.

For example, the biggest problem was that there were no *consequences* on Star Trek anymore. It became a cliché that every episode ended with someone spouting off some "technobabble" which fixed the situation with everyone happy at the end. The problem is, without consequences, there is no drama.

"33", which won a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presenation, Short Form, does just that; show consequences. The problem they face is that Enemy agents have hijacked a passenger liner carrying 1,300 people, and are going to crash it into their ship and detonate a nuclear bomb. What happens? Do they come up with some "we can jam their signal!" solution at the end? No. Galactica's fighter pilots are ordered to destroy the liner, and in the end they destroy it. Is it right? Is it wrong? We're not sure; the Galactica crew didn't "suceed"; their only reward was survival. It was a frightening parallel of the real world possibility that if terrorists hijack another plane, our military may have to shoot it down.

The best part about the series that's hard to explain to some new viewers is that "This isn't Star Trek"; the people in this are *never* happy, they never get R&R. This is a post-apocalyptic TV show.

"33" begins a matter of days after a civilization of 12 Billion people has been killed off in a surprise attack, and only some 50,000 refugees have escaped. The Cylons have pursued them relentlessly for days, and the crew hasn't slept for 5 days as a result. The cast actually discussed their reactions with a sleep deprivation expert. Instead of just walking around constantly yawning and saying "wow am I tired", they give an incredibly realistic portrayal of what would happen. Everyone is agitated, one character might be snapping at the others, another constantly forgetting things, etc.

There are standout performances by practically the entire cast. Many episode might focus on 2-3 characters at a time (although everyone has something meaningful to do in every episode), but every character gets really good development in here.

Edward James Olmos as usual *exudes* gravitas in all of his scenes. Michael Hogan puts in a great performance as the alcoholic first officer, who because of the attack has risen to the occasion, stopped drinking (for the last few days) and to the surprise of all transforms into one of the few characters trying to drive the others onward. Dualla also gets some good moments in when she visits Galactica' impromptu memorial wall. Mary McDonnell gives a great performance as well, as the exasperated newly sworn in President, who has to give the order to destroy the passenger liner.

Hats off also to the deck crew. This episode began the "Upstairs/Downstairs" vibe that the series would continue to use as it progressed. Commander Adama or President Roslin makes decisions, and then we see the worn-thin flight deck mechanics (Tyrol, Cally, Socinus). being affected by it.

This is also one of the first episodes where Baltar really gets to do one of his excellent two-way conversation scenes with Number Six, and they're some of his best, when he's talking to "real" people and Number Six at the same time.

Other amazing developments were that it turns out that Helo didn't die when left behind on Caprica when it was getting nuked. Now it's been occupied by the Cylons, and Helo's running for his life (originally, he was supposed to just die, but the fans really liked Helo so he's back). Plus they introduce a second copy of Sharon-Valerii (the "evil" one) to manipulate him. (Fans use the terms "Galactica-Sharon" and "Caprica-Sharon" to tell the two apart).

The special effects are great, there's a good scene with the new Centurians, and literally every scene is enthralling. The direction in this episode is fantastic; Michael Rymer is admittedly their best and favorite director, and they give him all of the "important" episodes, for good reason. The entire show looks like a documentary almost, witch incredibly realistic camera shots, zooms, constant moving cameras, etc.

This episode set the bar for all of the others that followed it, and only maybe 5 or so ever equaled or surpassed it. There are better episodes...for a single character. But this was the best "capsule" episode ever, with each cast member giving great performances (i.e. Starbuck has incredible acting in "Act of Contrition", but some of the other characters don't do as much in it.). And it's really balanced. Some other episodes are more about action, some are devoted entirely to drama (better than here), but this episode has a little of everything.

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10 out of 31 people found the following review useful:

Sleepless in Galactica

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
13 August 2008

The crew of Galactica is exhausted after 237 consecutive jumps in intervals of 33 minutes and 132.25 hour without sleep to escape from the Cylons. When Galactica is contacted by the Olympic Carrier, a vessel with more than 1,300 persons, Commander William Adama (Edward James Olmos) and (Mary McDonnell) are advised that there is a traitor on board. However, Dr. Gaius Baltar (James Callis) convinces both leaders that the Olympic Carrier is a menace to the refugee fleet led by Galactica.

In the end of the 70's, "Battlestar Galactica" was a charming series with Capt. Apollo, Lt. Starbuck, Cmdr. Adama and the crew and survivors in this warship. This "updated remake" is reasonable, with a female "Starbuck" and better special effects, but without charismatic characters and the charm of the original show. President Laura Roslin is an awfully ridiculous, useless and inconsistent character, since the hopeless woman has cancer and is a secretary of education that hates politics, but suddenly she thinks that she is a military strategist, sharing the leadership of the survivors with experienced military commanders in times of war. With regard to "33", I am still trying to understand why the Cylons have not simply destroyed the vessel to protect the despicable Gaius. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "33"

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24 out of 67 people found the following review useful:

Best of Science Fiction -- Best of Television

Author: deerich2 from United States
10 October 2006

This is not a remake of the cheesy series from years ago but a completely re-imagined universe. No more "poofy" haircuts, capes, and pseudo-Egyptian helmets. These Colonials dress in flight suits, uniforms, and clothing that suggest another world as well as ours.

It's science fiction at its best. Thought provoking. Well written. Well acted. Unafraid to tackle controversial topics head on.

And when you think you know what's going to happen next -- Duck! Because the new Battlestar Galactica will upset all your expectations and expose you to new ways of looking at television, science fiction and life.

For the thinking person this show should be at the top of your "must see" list.

Edward James Olmos (William Adama) and Mary McDonnell (Laura Roslyn) are fantastic. Their on screen chemistry is amazing and their abilities to communicate non-verbally unmatched. The nuances of their scenes together are enough to propel this show to the top 10 of all time.

James Callis (Gaius Baltar) is wonderful as well. His mixture of brilliance, insanity, comic relief, and religious zealotry brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "evil genius."

Watch this show!

It's the best show on TV.

And by the way, the show won a Peabody Award. These are given to "outstanding works exhibiting excellence, distinguished achievement, and meritorious service by radio and television networks, stations, cable television organizations, producing organizations, and individuals."

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51 out of 243 people found the following review useful:

Award-winning schlock is still schlock

Author: Dennis Montoya from United States
29 September 2006

This is the award that made me lose all respects for the Hugos.

If such a "distinguished" panel can't see or care about the obvious story-telling problems of Battlestar Galactica, then what worth is their award? The answer: not much.

Award-winning shows should be examples of creativity and excellence, neither of which are in evidence in BG, in this episode or any other that I've seen.

Shooting in drab video is not "artistic", it's just cheap. Shaking the camera is not "creative" it's vomit-inducing and lazy as can be.

All BG has shown is how corrupt most award-giving "academies" really are and how easy it is to buy awards with a lot of PR money.

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