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The Cylons in the Castle in the Swamp (In Space!)

Author: Henry Kujawa ( from Camden, NJ (The Forbidden Zone)
14 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The 4th (and final) quickly-knocked-out BG story involves Starbuck getting shot down on a remote planet. (Apollo did it in "THE LOST WARRIOR", now it's Starbuck's turn.) Injured, he's rescued by a family of very young "warriors" who've seen the "tinheads" slaughter almost everyone on their planet, but are determined to hold out and fight to the last. And, to rescue their father, even if it means trading Starbuck for him.

This is another one of those that seems like it should be a lot worse than it is. But again, the characters, the writing, the acting, all serve to drag it up a few notches. A good example is this week's focus on Boxey, who sneaks past the on-guard Cassieopia to visit his sick "grandfather" Adama and tell HIM a bedtime story. You will NEVER find a kid this likable in a Spielberg movie, believe me.

The guest cast this time includes Charles Bloom as the oldest brother Kyle (moonlighting from his own series that year, THE WAVERLY WONDERS); Bruce Glover as the father (a big change from his part as one of the effeminate hit-men in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER); and Audrey Landers as the older sister Miri, who captures Starbuck's heart (at least for a while). I thought I recognized her from several episodes of NIGHT COURT, but that was actually her younger sister Judy! Audrey was a regular on DALLAS.

The real highlight of this entire story is the comical rivalry between the two upper-level Cylons, "Spector" and "Lucifer". In charge of taking over a "very wet" planet and fighting an ongoing, losing battle against a tiny group of human hold-outs, he repeatedly gives Baltar false information that inflates his position while simultaneously piling on the flattery to get into Baltar's good graces. The whole time, Lucifer just KNOWS it's a lot of "felgercarb". I knew I recognized that voice from somewhere, and sure enough, it was Murray Matheson, who played "Felix", the bookstore owner, on BANACEK. He returned to BG a few months later as one of the Colonial High Council members.

This episode also marks the debut of Baltar's new control room, looking very much like the "computer room" on the Galactica, only with Baltar's "throne" added. I guess that looks more impressive than just blank walls with a ring of lights.

The rescue, accompanied with the "singing plan", got a bit annoying in spots, but not enough to ruin the thing. The other hilarious moment was when Apollo & Boomer show up at the castle, wondering "What HIT this place?", and then Starbuck walks out all smiles, followed by his young "warriors". You just can't help but LIKE this show!

My ONE problem with the story is the ending. Unlike the previous week, early-on thought is given to getting the humans OFF the planet to the relative safety of the fleet. But, having fought so hard to free their home, the family decides to stay behind. The problem should have been obvious, when you consider they appear to be the ONLY humans left alive on the entire planet! Even if the Cylons never come back, HOW are they going to survive-- in the long run? (Or maybe it's best not thought about...)

These 4 "one-off" stories gave the producers time to "catch up", although at the cost of a lot of ratings. The NEXT episode, in my eyes, has always been when BG finally "GOT GOOD"!!

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A Solid Entry

Author: Scaarge from Asheville, North Carolina
9 September 2010

Most of the time, when Dirk Benedict's credit comes up, I think, "Ha ha, more like JERK Benedict!" even though I know it's not funny. For the large part of this series, Benedict's Starburk character has been the unfunny comic relief.

This episode is different, though. Starbuck, shot down on a Cylon-controlled Medieval-era planet, has to rely on his wits and leadership skills, rather than his charm and one-liners, and he shows himself to be an extremely adaptable and talented leader. His character rose a bit in my estimation.

As a bonus, you'll see more Cylons than ever in this episode, as well as "an earlier version" of the Lucifer Cylon, called Spector. It's a lot of fun to watch the two sneeringly jockey for position with Baltar. Of course, when one of you is voiced by Jonathan Harris, there's not much contest, is there? Overall, a good solid entry where the humor and the desperation balance each other well. Recommended.

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Yet more BattleStarbuck Galactica

Author: Fluke_Skywalker from United States
23 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Plot; Starbuck is shot down on a Cylon held planet where the last human survivors are a group of youthful freedom fighters. Yet another Starbuck-centric episode (I guess we know who was winning the fan mail battle between Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch). The episode as a whole is pretty weak, but there are moments within that shine. Most of them centering around the antics of the Cylon garrison commander who covers his mounting mistakes by sucking up to the human Cylon commander, Baltar (much to fellow IL series Cylon Lucifer's chagrin). It's also a nicely shot episode, helmed skillfully by series writer and future TV mega-producer Donald P. Bellasario. It was nice to see Cylon warriors out in natural light and real environments. Not only did the costumes hold up quite well, putting them in such environs as forests and swamps really helped to give it all a little sliver of reality to stand on. It's too bad it was wasted on such a tepid story.

- Features an appearance by Bruce Glover (Mr. Wint in 'Diamonds Are Forever').

- Like many such planet-based episodes, the culture of the world looks a lot like one from here on good 'ole Earth's past (Probably due to the fact that Universal already had these sets and backlots sitting around). Typically it's a Western look, but here it's a bit Medieval mixed with Norse. Oh, and they ride unicorns.

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