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  • Bruce Wayne suffers amnesia when the Batman fights against Penguin, forgetting his role as the the Dark Knight, and leaving the Penguin able to continue his crime spree. Barbara, who suspects Bruce is Batman but later believes she is mistaken when he doesn't display any heroic qualities during an incident, tries to stop Penguin but is soon captured. With Batgirl in trouble Alfred decides it's essential for Bruce to relearn his role as the Batman if she is to stand any chance of rescue.

  • After a physical trauma causes him to forget he's The Batman, Bruce Wayne finds himself kidnapped by Penguin. Batgirl rescues the "helpless" amnesiac billionaire but is captured herself.


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  • When Batman takes a blow to the head during a fight with the Penguin, Bruce Wayne completely forgets about his alter ego. But when Batgirl is captured while saving him, can Bruce muster the courage to rescue her? Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon suspects Bruce Wayne is Batman.

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