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The Beginning Of 'Clayface'
ccthemovieman-111 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is the history - we'll be seeing at least two more episodes of this character - of "Matt Hagen" a.k.a. "Clayface," an film actor who winds up disfigured after an auto accident and then becomes up addicted to some gooey substance which will transform his face. It's a lot faster than plastic surgery, he's told , and it works great.

The brown goo gives "Hagen" an instant face transplant and he can either go back to being a handsome movie star or be anyone he wants. In this episode, he uses it one time to fake being Bruce Wayne during a crime. Wayne, of course, is innocent, but accused and he/Batman have to prove their innocence.

The problem with the goo, by the way, like a lot of quick fixes, is that it doesn't last and it's addicting, so -Hagan/Clayface keeps going back to the place where the stuff is hidden: in lab belonging to bad guy "Roland Daggett," the guy who wants to take over Wayne Enterprises. It's like a drug, and Hagen has to have it.

Included in this episode is a thug called Bell whom Batman calls a "scumwad." That's a good name; never heard that one before.

Wayne is arrested and put in jail, ending this first part of a two-part episode.
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Feat of misfortune
Mr-Fusion27 December 2016
'Feat of Clay' is a great example of a Batman villain born out of some unfortunate soul's personal demons. Here, it's an actor relying on cosmetics to cover up his physical disfigurement. That alone is kinda sad, but with Roland Daggett as the snake who's lording that miracle cream over him, it's downright miserable. What's kinda funny about this is that there's almost always a tailored gangster or corporate sleaze behind these tragic villainous turns - Daggett, Thorne, Boyle - nothing too deep there, just an observation, I guess.

Rob Perlman makes for a great Clayface and his descent is one of the more horrifying. Now that I think about it, this is a rather theatrical episode.

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The Bat-a-thon continues
Ethan Martin25 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Well after watching two phenomenal animated Batman movies, it's time to get back to the show. Now, here's a two part story I really love, mostly for two reasons. One, I've always loved Clayface as a villain and I'm glad he got his own origin story in the show. And two, unlike "The Cat and the Claw", this actually makes sense as a two part story. The cliffhanger's good, the writing is once again dark and the episode covers subjects like addiction and corporate espionage. It's cool that Ron Perlman provided the voice for Hagan, he really gets the unstable personality across with his voice. The only real problem I had with the episode was when Bell was getting chased by Batman in the Gotham Tunnel. For some reason, there was no music, but it felt like there was supposed to be. I thought my audio had cut-off for a few seconds before I realized that's how the scene was supposed to play out. But I guess you could call that "nitpicking".

Bottom line, the episode is a great set-up to an even better finale.
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