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Little action but an interesting character study
kevin olzak15 May 2016
"Rats Like Cheese" finds the Dynamic Duo being thawed out at Gotham General Hospital, with a wink to Ben Casey in that the doctor on the case is named Vince (as in Edwards). Another diamond snatched by Mister Freeze (George Sanders) is baseball pitcher Paul Diamante (Robert Hogan), the bait to entice Batman into a one on one at the secret location of Doctor Shivel. Here we get an interesting study in contrasts, allowing Sanders to really act outside the full length costume he wore throughout most of chapter one, toying with the Caped Crusaders (with Robin disobeying Batman by tagging along behind) while keeping a safe distance with his temperature controlling device. Sanders seems to get better toward the end, overcoming the annoying accent and mustering sympathy for his predicament, having to exist at a steady 50 degrees below zero. Were it not for a disappointingly ordinary Batfight this could have been a classic rather than just a very good entry. Max Hodge was the writer who scripted this two parter, plus the next Freeze, "Green Ice"/"Deep Freeze," this time impersonated by director Otto Preminger, who at least had a genuine Teutonic accent. George Sanders lived another six years, his debilitating health leading him to take his own life at age 65, nearly all of his film work made overseas, rendering him unavailable for further television work in Hollywood.
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Well, Here it is, Schultz, Part 2 of the First Mr. Freeze Outing!! Didja ever figure out how Batman would escape unharmed, unscathed and totally thawed out?? Read on......
John T. Ryan18 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
…………………….WHEN Last We saw the Dynamic Duo……….. LEAVING off with both Batman and Robin had been frozen solid by Mr. Freeze, who had planned to get them out of the way; leaving Freeze and his cohorts free to kidnap ad hold for ransom star Baseball Player, Paul Diamante; who had been referred to as the "biggest Diamond in Gotham City; "Diamond" referring not only to the Baseball Diamond, but also the surname of "Diamante" is Italian and Spanish for Diamond.

IN the process of attempting to capture Mr. Freeze and his gang, Batman & Robin are led into a trap that left them frozen as solid as a pair of human blocks of ice. Fearing the worst, the Police Commissioner Gordon has them transported to Gotham Hospital and their E.R. (emergency room).

AT this juncture, the story makes the solution both simple and humorous; as they place a youthful Physician and dead-ringer for Dr. Ben Casey in charge. Even as he shouts out in frustration about the predicament, Chief O'Hara comforts him by telling him, "Now take it easy, Vince"; the in-joke being that Actor Vince Edwards had the title role on the BEN CASEY TV Series (Bing Crosby Productions/ABC Television, 1961-66).

IN their final encounter Batman feigns being subdued by the extreme cold, only to come thru and defeat Mr. Freeze & Company, declaring: "Naturally you didn't know that I was wearing my super thermal v long underwear, for extreme cold!" JUST as in so many of the better Batman Episodes (and the first season seems to have the best!), the answer to a seemingly insurmountable problem is found in a very simple, obvious solution. This was a key to their being able to keep the series being enjoyed on the different levels; those being one as an adventure story for the Smaller Kids and a "Camp" Humor-fest for the Big Kids.

ONCE again, we must remind all of the Comic Purists (and the writer of this piece is a "Recovering Purist" himself) that the BATMAN Series would haven't had any staying power or influence on the public if given a straight treatment. If you have any doubts about that, just remember Mr. Dozier's next project, THE GREEN HORNET (Greenway/20th Century-Fox/ABC TV, 1966-67).

AS for the cast of this particular Bat-installment, the usual crew was on hand; what with Adam West & Burt Ward (Batman & Robin), Alan Napier (Alfred the Butler), Neil Hamilton (Police Commissioner Gordon), Stafford Repp (Chief O'Hara) and Madge Blake (Aunt Harriet). Supporting players Robert Hogan (Paul Diamante), Shelby Grant (Princess Sandra), John Wills (Newscaster), Bill Hudson (Photographer), with Dan Hannum, Troy Melton, Guy Way and John Zaremba all taking uncredited parts; with the last three being henchmen for Mr. Freeze.

PREVIOUSLY mentioned Dan Teranova made a fine, albeit brief appearance as the Doctor "Vince" in delivering a most enjoyable 'Ben Casey' lampoon.

AS for Guest Villain, George Sanders as Mr. Freeze, the very well known film actor did about as fine of a performance as any Guest Star in a Comic Book Villain's part. They gave the Brit who was born in Russia a sort of broad German Accent to add to his very chilling characterization; which worked out quite well.

WE have wondered why Mr. Sanders did not reprise his role as Freeze; as there were two subsequent 2 part episodes that featured the character. For one adventure, they cast famous, big time Director Otto Preminger in one installment and Eli Wallach in the last Freeze outing.

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Strike 3, Your Out
DKosty12328 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Part 2 of Mr. Freezes first caper. His mountain hideout is perfectly cold with high tech warm spots for those who can't stand 50 below.

In this one, Freeze and Batman encounter a Princess Grace like Princess, and steal her major Diamond. Then Bruce Wayne takes her to a baseball game and Freeze kidnaps a major league pitcher from one of the teams.

The ransom, Batman for the player. Batman agrees to the terms and is in Mr. Freezes hideout after the player swap. Unknown to Batman, the Boy Wonder planted a homing device on him. Robin gets snared trying to reach Batman and both of them are in the cold trap now.

Will they get out of this one? They better as they face Zelda next week.
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HEFILM31 August 2015
On almost all fronts this is a misfire. The pacing is slow, there are some fairly complicated optical effects to show hot and cold but this seems to slow things down as well. The fight scenes also seem half hearted and there aren't many clever lines or situations. Robert Butler directs poorly this time, key sight gags are missing.

I love George Saunders but aside from some funny intentionally bad German accent moments he looks uncomfortable in the Mr. Freeze suit and handles the various weapons very poorly. He makes almost no impression in the role. Little wonder he did not return for more Mr. Freeze episodes.

This whole episode, this being part two, is not good, more on the level of Lost in Space that this series at its best.
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