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Bruce Wayne: Why did you call me here?

Sneak Peek: I can't control it anymore. And it's happening without the belt.

[camera focuses on his abdomen becoming intangible]

Bruce Wayne: What do you want from me?

Sneak Peek: My body is losing its substance. You have the resources. That company, all those scientists.

Bruce Wayne: There are other companies.

Sneak Peek: Yes, but Taka worked for yours.

Bruce Wayne: What does he have to do with this?

Sneak Peek: I was the last one to interview him.

Bruce Wayne: Taka would never have talked to someone like you...

Sneak Peek: You'd be surprised how obsequious someone like me can be when I need to. I have Taka's files and research right in there.

[points to the counter]

Sneak Peek: I even have the belt he made.

Bruce Wayne: [Grabs him by the shirt] You stole it! You're the one who started the fire!

Sneak Peek: [Pushes him off] I had to have it! To him it was just some experiment but to me it was power... a chance to kick my career into high gear!

[Bruce walks away as the intangible part starts to spread]

Sneak Peek: You can't leave, you gotta help me!

[Grabs Bruce by the shoulder]

Bruce Wayne: [turns to face him] Give me one good reason!

Sneak Peek: I know your secret, I know who you used to be!

[at that moment, his head becomes intangible]

Bruce Wayne: [with a smirk] You're losing your head!

[starts walking away again]

Sneak Peek: Wait!

[pulls a disc out of his coat pocket]

Sneak Peek: Here it is! The only unedited footage from the cave, no one's seen it but me!

[Bruce doesn't respond]

Sneak Peek: Take it!

[Throws the disc at him, he doesn't turn around]

Sneak Peek: Rragh!

[Puts him in an arm lock and they struggle until Batman shows up and knocks him a distance, by then, all but his arms and legs are intangible, he picks up a gun and fires a few shots at Batman, one hits the ceiling and bits of it fall onto Bruce and Batman. They climb out of the rubble, then he smirks and aims the gun at them then it suddenly falls out of his hand as he becomes entirely intangible and stars to sink through the floor]

Sneak Peek: Wha? Huh? Aaah! Help! Help meeeeee!

[as he goes all the way through the floor]

Bruce Wayne: Looks like there's only one force left that has any effect on him. Gravity.

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Matthew 'Matt' McGinnis: [When Inside Peek is suddenly postponed due to technical difficulties] Postponed, why'd they do that?

Mrs. Mary McGinnis: Maybe Ian Peek lost his nerve.

Terry McGinnis: Somehow I doubt that...

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Terry McGinnis: Sounds like something's happening at City Hall.

Bruce Wayne: City Hall? Better be careful.

Terry McGinnis: Always am.

Bruce Wayne: Yes, but you've never had to face politicians before.

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