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Wow, what a jump from the first episode
Chris Haskell15 January 2012
Now this is more like it! Having never seen this show before I sat down earlier today to give it a chance. Episode 1 was a little disappointing, but first episodes, or even seasons, sometimes are.

This episode seemed like a whole different show. It took place exclusively in the "Squad Room", had an opportunity to flesh out the 12th precinct employees, had an interesting antagonist (that must have been fairly scandalous back in 1974!), and was overall a much better show.

I was willing to give the whole first season a shot, but am now excited to as they almost instantly created a show with memorable characters. Now if the DVD could just have an option of removing the laugh track!

Rating: 28/40
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Jack De Leon and Alex Henteloff
kevin olzak16 January 2014
The second episode, "Experience," establishes the 12th Precinct as the main location, only rarely straying from its claustrophobic confines over its eight seasons. We are introduced to Marty Morrison (Jack De Leon), the gay sneak thief who made seven return appearances, here caught purse snatching (Jane Dulo, first of two), winding up in a cell with mugger Ray Sharkey (first of two). Also debuting is Alex Henteloff as defense attorney Arnold Ripner (six further episodes, five as Ripner), regarded as pretty much no different from the scum he represents, and Milt Kogan's downstairs Officer Kogan, the precursor to Ron Carey's Levitt, seen five further times through his final appearance in episode 18 "Ambush." Returning from the filmed pilot is Rod Perry (S.W.A.T.), as Det. Wilson, the prototype for Ron Glass' Harris, who earns laughs in drag doing vice (sadly no further appearances, though he is mentioned once or twice). Fish is feeling sorry for himself, composing a resignation that Barney refuses to sign. There's also a bomber on the loose (future BARNEY MILLER director Noam Pitlik), leaving behind a briefcase set to go off at 5PM, which everybody assumes belongs to Fish, the experienced one who takes it upon himself to somehow get rid of it. All further episodes follow this same template- we find out about things when Barney does, after the officers in question return to the precinct and settle down for paperwork, apparently the most realistic depiction of life in a police station (humor is rooted in truth). Missing from this episode are Barbara Barrie's Liz Miller, Gregory Sierra's Chano, and Ron Glass' Harris.
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