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"Barbary Coast" Guns for a Queen (1975)

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When a load of rifles is hijacked, Cable has Cash put out the word that he know an interested buyer. The plan is complicated by the arrival of a girl from both their pasts, Ellie, who, with her new husband Arthur Grange, is seeking to buy the guns herself for a proposed revolution in Tahiti. A false telegram from Jeff gets Arthur to call off the purchase, but the buyer wants none of it, kidnapping Ellie and trying to kill Arthur. He survives the attack but loses his artificial arm in the bay. Cash is sent to buy her freedom with the gun money, a fortune in diamonds and pearls, but first he must dive for the false arm in which the gems are stashed. While Cash finds the arm, Jeff locates the warehouse where the missing guns are stored. Once Cash finds the jewels, Ellie reveals that she is in love with the gun thief Mike McCord and wants the gems for herself. The twosome brings Cash to the warehouse, where he and Jeff capture the entire gang using a series of traps laid out in advance by Cable. Ellie, however, manages to escape.
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