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Sort of like an episode stuck in a holding pattern!
MartinHafer23 January 2007
The first several episodes of season four are almost like one long movie, as instead of the usual resolution at the end of the episodes, they end with many unanswered questions and a lot of vagueness. If you remember, in the last episode (the last one of season three), Sheridan was apparently incinerated by an atomic bomb at Z'Ha'Dum AND Garibaldi was kidnapped by some unknown force. But, it wasn't until the third episode of this season that what occurred to both men was revealed--at least to a degree. In the meantime, most everyone on the station just assumed Sheridan was dead and the fragile coalition is beginning to unravel. So, the main theme of this specific episode is Ivanova's frantic attempts to hold everything together. In the meantime, we get to see the Emperor of the Centauri "Repulbic" (a republic with an Emperor?) and he turns out to be a major nut case! Since nothing is especially resolved, many will feel pretty dissatisfied with this episode. However, if you are willing to suspend this feeling and just watch the next few episodes and see the WHOLE picture, then it is a worthy addition to the series.
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