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This, and the previous episode, make for a powerful combination
MartinHafer11 January 2007
In so many ways, this is a terrific episode and a wonderful follow-up to the last one. In the previous episode, despite Night Watch being ordered to take control of B-5, Sheridan defied this and arrested the members of this paramilitary organization. Now, in response, Earth Gov has sent an armada to both take control of the station AND arrest Sheridan! This isn't at all unexpected, but means the death of the idea of Babylon 5 as a place for peace. However, Sheridan refuses to allow himself or the station to be taken! Talk about a major conflict!! For those who love the series, this episode and ones like it are the reason that you have patiently watched for so long--the plot threads running through so many episodes are finally coming together and it's exciting to see how this so brilliantly unfolds. A not to be missed episode.
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An absolute can't miss three-episode arc
Mischief81012 September 2014
This three episode arc is your reward for enduring the filler episodes that make up most of the first half of Season 3.

B5 is now hitting on (almost) all the right cylinders. A civil war is upon Babylon 5; Sheridan and his crew must choose sides. Bold, dangerous, risky decisions are made. Heroic actions are undertaken.

There aren't many significant subplots here and the ones that are explored are done so without derailing the main story line.

The arc moves swiftly and, if possible, it's best to watch all three one after the other.

The conclusion of Severed Dreams will have you on the edge of your seat. It is breathtakingly well done. Don't miss these three episodes.
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Best episode of a fantastic series
LarGallo7 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It has been several years since B5 was shown on Sci-Fi and I miss it a lot. Not only was it the best Sci-Fi series ever produced, but this episode, "Severed Dreams" was the absolute best episode of the series 5 year run. At this point, you knew that a major conflict with Earth's President was on the way, but it was not exactly clear how it was to be resolved. Severed Dreams kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time. From the assault by Earth forces, to the very end, you never quite knew what was coming next. The underrated cast was excellent, the writing was fantastic....it was just like no other series out there and if you are a Science Fiction fan at all, and missed it.....find it somewhere and watch from beginning to end (the sequence was VERY important, especially in the 3rd and 4th seasons. Hey Sci-Fi....bring back B5!!!
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Loved it
wilvis-9396320 September 2017
This was epic and as the title said a start of a new era for Babylon 5.Only thought the answer to the majors suggestion to take Hiroshi's living crew members as part of Babylon 5's crew was again too overdramatic.He is not honored he needs the bloody people to keep up defenses.And he did not know Hiroshi no why should he so a simple yes to that question by the major could have been a simple yes i will.Less Shakespeare more 23rd century
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