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Not enough cooks in the kitchen
Bfyke518 September 2017
Hey, it's Don Keefer—the guy who winds up as a jack-in-the-box because he can't hold his liquor or his tongue over at the Twilight Zone.Didn't we also see him over on St. Benedict's Island trying to unload a ship in a bottle? The best thing about this episode is Ron Howard's comic chops, culminating in his hilarious outburst about food. In fact, just about every scene with him and Andy is a mini workshop on comic timing. Isn't it interesting how Goober's character has matured somewhat since his introduction as a monosyllabic simpleton in season 5? I like his sidewalk philosophy about how to evaluate the ripeness of tomatoes, and his basic goodness shines in the epilogue when he homes in on Aunt Bee's reason for giving up her cooking show.
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