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If you want to say good-bye say it to my human face
americandragonfreak18 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Wonderful episode of a wonderful show. This episode was funny and tear jerking. Jake is having problems with Rose after finding out she's Huntsgirl and is doing his best to get over it, but Jake is captured by her to feature in their Grand Equinox Hunt. He and four others escape and in order for them to survive, Jake has to teach them to fight, but Jake is recaptured and they have to rescue their leader. In the end, Rose gets Jake tied to a tree and goes in for the kill when Jake changes into his human form and Rose frees him and flees. The ending is sad with Rose transferring schools, but she'll be back. This is a great episode, but just like the Ski Trip episode, Disney Channel is showing it too much.
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