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Author: sonnyschlaegel from muenster, germany
11 May 2007

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Dora and Calvin, her step-father, are living in the desert, running a 'Last Chance' gas station. They don't have much money, and Calvin is an ill-tempered man, scolding and commanding Dora all the time. He's digging a well, hoping he'll strike water so that the situation will improve. One day, as he is digging, Dora prays to her late mother for help. A few moments later, Calvin comes up again and says that something strange has happened: the ground disappeared beneath his feet. They let down a lamp on a long rope to see how deep the well is now. It must be very deep. Then a very strange thing happens: someone or something is tugging at the rope, and when they have pulled it up again, the lamp has gone - it has been replaced with something different...

One of the episodes that are really amazing in my opinion. There's some mystery; I really wondered who or what is at the bottom of the well. And there's some horror - the ending has a nasty twist. I liked the actors, too. Kyra Sedgwick is good, and Carradine is delicious (perhaps I'm a bit partial because I liked him so much on 'Kung Fu').

I think there should have been more episodes like this one, 'Mirror, Mirror...' (#1.19), and 'You Gotta Believe Me' (#2.5), episodes that feature mystery and / or horror. And I think if you liked the episodes I have mentioned (#1.19 and #2.5), you'll probably like this one, too, and should consider watching it when you have the chance.

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What a Thanksgiving !

Author: ahmed elshikh ( from Egypt
24 January 2009

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Wanna talk about the most attractive element in here? Then it's the writing. It made a story that managed to be enjoyable on many levels in such short time too. It represented 2 kinds of characters, so 2 types of dealing with any new matter or new people. (Kyra Sedgwick) was the sensitive dreamer who wants to communicate, love, and understand. On the contrary (David Carradine) is the greedy predominant who wants blindly and ignorantly to get rich by the strange recent development, and if he couldn't, then he would attack, invade, and ruin. The plot is magically simple, and the thrill is basically within the question of : who's below, and what's next ?, in fact the beauty of the writing is not in that structure or that suspense only, but also in the great moment of the heroine when she was about to kill her stupid step- father then she faced the very reason why he does exist "he's needed, to make things bad, that's his role" then she withdrew fully satisfied, at that point god (or her mother's soul whatever she believes in), through the unseen creatures, gives her the thanksgiving of her life when she knows that her step-father has been eaten as a turkey! It's some episode about having faith, hence thanking god always for everything (or everyone) we have, so the reword would be quite equivalent, yet with twisted sense of humor that made it close to acute black comedy. For the other attractive elements ; (Kyra Sedgwick) mastered her role, so its accent. (David Carradine) understood the spirit of the whole episode, being the best human mule he can be. I bet some viewers felt a little disappointment with this one but that may come from the unanswered question about the Aliens, however remember the episode's title to catch on the right meaning of it, where the aliens were just an excuse to assure the belief, and to show the irony of 2 kinds (the artist) who wants to give and (the dictator) who wants to take only.. Nice military outfit for him at the end too. It's about faith, the human greed, and it's an amazing story anyhow for anyone wants not to think as well.

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The Original Hunger Games!

Author: Hitchcoc from United States
27 May 2014

David Carradine, the subdued Kane in the show "Kung Fu," plays a despicable stepfather to the ever optimistic and sort of dumb Kira Sedgwik. He runs a gas station that looks like its ready to collapse and spends his days trying to create a working well. He berates her at every turn, spray painting over a Norman Rockwell calendar that has the classic Thanksgiving scene and cutting the strings on her guitar (she has a twangy country western voice and enjoys singing). He never misses a chance to tell her how dumb and worthless she is. One day, the bucket that is sent down the dry well, returns with a chunk of gold, wrapped in a paper containing cryptic symbols. He sees this as the stroke of luck he has been wishing for. He heads for town and while he is absent, she begins to send things down the well. The first time it includes part of a ham sandwich and a dictionary. When she pulls up the rope, there is more gold and other valuable baubles and a note (they have used the dictionary as a codebook and can now communicate with her). Of course, we know he will be back at some point and things will come to a head. Sure enough, he has bought a tow truck with a winch and sends another load (this time a bucket of cheap yellow flashlights) down to whomever is there. The conclusion is priceless. A fine episode.

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Now THAT'S creative!

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
23 June 2015

Calvin (David Carradine) is a nasty guy living in the desert with his step-daughter (Kyra Sedgwick). He treats her rather poorly and berates her yet she seems blissfully happy despite this. One day, something really weird happens with the well Calvin is trying to dig. It turns out to be a much deeper hole and there is SOMETHING living down there. When he drops a flashlight down there, whoever or whatever is down there shows their gratitude by tying a small bundle to his rope. When he opens it, he finds it's full of gold!! Now the greedy Calvin is going to the store to buy LOTS of flashlights to send down into the hole! During his absence, the step-daughter sends down a dictionary and some ham. This time they include a note, in English, explaining that their scholars have deciphered their language and they are thanking them for the ham...and they want more food. They also include some very expensive jewelry. Next, she sends down some raw chickens. What's next?

"Thanksgiving" is unusual in that it's completely original, funny as well as creepy. Had the series had more shows like this one, no doubt it would have lasted much longer.

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