"Ally McBeal" Home Again (TV Episode 2001) Poster

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Ally McBeal: [Larry is out with another woman] Hey, Larry.

Larry Paul: Ally, hi. This is Helena. Helena, Ally.

Helena Fisher: Hello.

Ally McBeal: [still glaring at Larry] Hi. I thought we were watching our cholesterol this month.

Larry Paul: Helena's my ex-wife. Hey, John.

John Cage: Hey-y.

Ally McBeal: Your ex-wife? Oh. Well, what are you talking about over ice cream?

Larry Paul: [wiping whipped cream off his face] Oh, uh, well, um... Nothin'.

Helena Fisher: Nothing.

Ally McBeal: Nothing over ice cream. Great! Maybe you can, um, talk under it.

Ally McBeal: [dumps Larry's ice cream on his head] Hmmm. Are you done?

Helena Fisher: [nods] Mmm-hmm.

Ally McBeal: Good.

Ally McBeal: [dumps Helena's ice cream on Larry's head] Oh, this will just warm you up.

Ally McBeal: [pours hot fudge on Larry's head] Mmm. Oh, oh. One minute.

Helena Fisher: Take your time.

Ally McBeal: [sprays Larry with whipped cream] There we go. OK. Come on, John.

John Cage: Bye now.

Helena Fisher: She seems nice.

Larry Paul: She's a sweetheart.

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John Cage: [answering his mobile phone] Hello? What do you mean you're going into court?

Richard Fish: I got it all at Radio Shack, John. And I've got a miniature earpiece and the mike fits on my lapel. It should be easy.

John Cage: Well, don't - don't be ridiculous, Richard. I can't argue your case for you over the phone.

Richard Fish: No, you don't. You feed *me* the arguments. Just like that show. Uh, what was it? Cyrano de Burger King? Whatever.

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