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The Problem With Dealing With Discrimination
richard.fuller128 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
On an episode of Newhart, Stephanie (Julia Duffy) learns Michael (Peter Scolari) is unemployed.

"Good bye, Michael!" she sobs.

"Good bye, Stephanie!" he says as he goes to the door.

On Laverne and Shirley, Bowling captain Laverne offers critiques to her teammates. One lets go of the ball too late, another lets go of the ball too soon. Last time, she left her ball on the bus. Oops! She did it again. Call the bus station.

Shirley asks why she had no critique. Laverne says she gets upset too easily. No, I won't, Shirley replies smiling.

Laverne says Shirley takes too many steps before she throws her ball.

I QUIT THE TEAM! Shirley screams.

Now this brings us to this, the pilot episode of Maude, as seen on All In The Family.

Long story short, Archie calls the cops on the stag party of Carol's fiancée (fiance?), only after Maude run him out of the bridal party. Good going, Maude.

Carol and her betrothed (Bob Dishy) break off the engagement after Carol learns about women at the stag party. It escalates from there.

Now I remember this episode from near 40 years ago, but only recently in the past couple of years did I pay attention to it.

Dishy's character is Jewish (don't know if Dishy himself is), and in no time, Maude and Carol are bellowing how they have to behave a certain way around Dishy because he is Jewish, then he bellows out he has to behave a certain way because they aren't.

SHOCK! The dialogue was something along those lines. Dishy now calmly says he is leaving and the wedding is off.

Now this is the problem with much of this logic toward cultural diversities and racism, discrimination, bigotry. It can NOT be tolerated. Is it there? Then everything else must be swept off the board so this BIGOTRY can be focused on and dealt with. Put on the brakes.

As Stephanie did to Michael's unemployment. As Shirley did to her bowling critique.

WHY is this the case?

Hey, let's have lunch. -- Are you a bigot? -- Yes, I am. -- Then I can't go with you.

Hey, let's have lunch. -- Are you a bigot? -- Of course, now let's go have lunch.

Why are the brakes put on if the person is Jewish and favors Jewish, or if the gentile bride has reservations about offending the Jewish groom? This is truly about the worst message to send out than even blatant racism.

People who do this need to examine how close-minded they are. It's all along the same lines as Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walking off of Bill O'Reilly when he was a guest on their show. Where does this startling revelation stuff come from and why does it always have to be placed on the front burner?

Another good one is a forgotten show called Life Goes On, with Patti LuPone. In the episode with Chad Lowe as a kid with AIDS, the school board votes to not allow him to continue in the school.

LuPone now decides she is resigning from the school board. Because they didn't agree with you? Is it only open-mindedness when you are agreed with and your opinion wins out?

If a bride is from the south and the groom is from the north, if they have reservations about being culturally different, they discuss it and deal with it, but if the bride is gentile and the groom is Jewish, and they have reservations, then the wedding is off.

Right on, Maude.
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