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Archie's gang
stones787 October 2015
What I usually remember most about this episode are all the characters invited to celebrate Archie's "50th" surprise birthday party and even though there are too many names to mention, I'll add a few. Other than a few series regulars, look for a very old Burt Mustin(Mr. Quigley), another oldie in Ruth McDevitt, and Bob Hastings. The gist is that Archie's in denial about turning 50, so he tries to convince himself and others that he's just 49. It's not the most memorable or funniest of the series, but it is a solid entry, with a good plot. The best scene is probably when Archie's in the bar talking with Kelsey, and later on with Quigley, as it's not that funny, but Archie opens up a bit to both of them when he realizes he just turned 50. Although I'm not Gloria's biggest fan, she(Sally Struthers)actually displays decent singing chops when she sings a song with Quigley. The only aspect that disappointed me a tad was that Archie didn't really thank his "friends" for coming over to his party, considering he wasn't even there most of the time. During many episodes, Archie seems to come to his senses by show's end, but not this time. The crowd was genuinely happy to be at the party too, so I feel Archie dropped the ball here. All in all, still a good, but not great episode.
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