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So....thanks for caring
gridoon20184 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Sydney is arrested by the NSC and Jack once again resorts to desperate measures to save her. Meanwhile, Lauren is caught in a conflict between her conscience and her official duties when she is asked to write a report on Sydney's "fair" treatment, when in the facility where she is being held she is subjected to brutal "interrogation" techniques like electroshock "therapy". This episode is a little too reminiscent of the early Season 1 "Color Blind", with the emphasis on Sydney's mental and physical torture. It also suffers from a particularly fake-looking CGI shot near the start. I think the most notable things about "Breaking Point" are the continuation of Lauren's transformation into a more rounded character, and Pruitt Taylor Vince's fine guest starring performance (Richard Roundtree, on the other hand, is used for name purposes mostly). *** out of 4.
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Tweekums23 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
With Sydney in the custody of the NSC Jack must work quickly to assemble a team to break her out of custody before NSC Director Robert Lindsey subjects her to interrogation techniques that would probably leave her brain damaged. To do this Jack works with Sloane so that it will appear to be a Covenant operation. Meanwhile Lauren finds herself being asked to write a report stating that Sydney is being treated in a legal manner, when she learns just what is happening Lindsey attempts to blackmail her.

Once again an episode where Jack breaks the rules proves to be gripping. The scenes of Sydney's interrogation are fairly gruelling so that even though we know deep down she will survive there is a feeling of danger. This episode features a cameo by Richard "Shaft" Roundtree as freelance operative Brill.
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