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A Mink Coat Meets an Ex-Con
dougdoepke26 October 2009
Slender Hitchcock fare with a somewhat ironical ending. Much of the half-hour is taken up with verbal fencing between estranged husband (Maross) and wife (Bergen). He's a just-released ex- con who's taken a rap for Bergen who's now a glamorous club vocalist with ambition. So she owes him. Trouble is he's on his way down, while she's on her way up. Worse for her, they've never divorced, and now she has plans to marry a rich man (Albertson). So what does Maross want from her, and how will she get rid of this embarrassment from her past.

Fortunately, the two principals spice up the lengthy dialogue enough to keep up interest. We know something will happen to relieve the tension between them, but what? Still, it's a pretty static entry that doesn't pick up until the last few minutes. Bergen was then on an upswing in a generally up-and-down career, while Maross again proves an excellent utility actor. All in all, the entry suggests a high quality series beginning to run down, but still not without interest.
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