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"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" Dead Weight (1959)

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"Dead Weight" and then some...

Author: (chuck-reilly) from Los Angeles
14 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Joseph Cotton plays a cheating husband who's parked on a remote "Lovers Lane" with lovely Julie Adams (she's also "seeing" someone else) when he's accosted by a young hoodlum (Don Gordon) who seems bent on not only robbing the couple, but making life even more miserable for them. At gunpoint, Gordon lays on the insults to Cotton (much fun is made of his name "Courtney Masterson") and then demands that he get into the trunk of his own car. But the tables are turned quickly as Cotton knocks Gordon down and somehow ends up with the gun. Gordon pulls out a knife, it's Cotton who's giving the orders, and after much pleading, the would-be robber is forced into the trunk himself. Ms. Adams naturally wants to know what Cotton's plan of action is now that Gordon is safely locked up, but Cotton isn't sure what to do. Going to the police is ruled out because it would be too much bad publicity for both of them. After driving her home, he takes a ride back out close to the original scene of the crime. After releasing Gordon, the two have some words and Gordon assures Cotton that he hasn't seen the last of him. Cotton has other ideas about that; he puts a bullet through the fellow's heart. Cotton now feels that it's safe to go to the police and concocts a story about how he picked up "hitch-hiker" Gordon and then an attempted robbery ensued. According to his tale of woe to the cops, Cotton wrestled the gun from Gordon (almost true) and then shot him when the firearm went off "accidently." After checking Gordon's dubious past, Cotton is able to finally go home and it looks like he's in the clear. There's no further investigation and no marital infidelity exposed either. But...a few days later in his office, Cotton receives a visitor who identifies himself to his receptionist as a detective. When the fellow enters his office, he tells Cotton that he's a Private Investigator hired by his wife to keep tabs on him. It seems that she's suspected all along that he's been cheating on her. Then the payoff: the P.I. throws Gordon's knife on his desk and tells Cotton that he saw the attempted robbery out at Lovers Lane. He watched the whole sordid affair in which Gordon ended up in the trunk of Cotton's car. At that point, the Investigator informs Cotton that he doesn't have to report his infidelity to his wife or go to the police after all. He's only interested in blackmailing Cotton for all he's worth. With Gordon's death on his hands, our hero is caught between a rock and a hard place. And that's where the story ends. This episode was directed by Stuart Rosenberg who went on to direct features like "Cool Hand Luke," among others. The cast is in peak form in this entry, but there is one complaint: Julie Adams isn't given enough screen time. Host Hitchcock was keen to have some of his shows end ambiguously. This is one of them.

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An old tale with a 'new' twist

Author: binapiraeus from Greece
10 September 2014

Another quite nice episode of our beloved Hitchcock's 'half hour' - and with a very competent cast (with first and best of all, of course, Joseph Cotten) that makes the age-old story of a married man being caught with his girlfriend, and his horror of any kind of publicity, seem rather fresh and intriguing - and entertaining, with some unusual twists in the real Hitchcock style...

First of all, the 'sinful' couple, Cotten and his girlfriend, are caught in the middle of the night on a lonely parking lot by a simple crook who wants to rob them, but then the tables are turned, and the crook ends up in the car's trunk - but what are they supposed to do with him now?? Well, the girlfriend's got an idea there; but it doesn't turn out the ideal solution after all - or does it...? Hitch himself will tell us in the end...

Nicely played and directed, solid TV crime entertainment; not one of the very best episodes of the series, but nevertheless worthwhile watching for friends of good old-fashioned crime drama with a touch of Hitchcock genius!

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If you think that knife is faster then this gun slice away!

Author: sol1218 from brooklyn NY
4 July 2012

***SPOILERS*** It's when married advertising executive Courtney "Court" Masterson, Joseph Cotten, is out necking with an old flame of his Peg Valence, Julie London, in he Hollywood Hills that he's caught with his pants down by "Lover's Lane Bandit" Rudy Stickney, Don Gordon, at the most improper and unguarded moment! With Rudy pointing a gun at his and Peg's head and about to both rob and murder them Court's cat-like movements catches Rudy by surprise and in a split second disarms him.

Not knowing with to do with his "prize catch" Court stuffs Rudy into the trunk of his car an drives around town, after dropping off Peg, looking for a place to dump him. Finally releasing Rudy alive Court is about to let the guy go but in an instance, with Rudy saying that he'll get even with him for what he did, changes his mind and and blasts the guy away! Claiming to the cops that it, gunning down Rudy, was in self-defense it seems like Court is getting away with his crime. That's until the next day when private detective Lester Elleridge, Claud Stroud, shows up at his office.

***SPOILERS*** Court thought that he covered all the bases in gunning down Rudy and covering up, which he thought was far worse, his relationship with Peg! As we soon find out it was non other then Court's old lady or wife Mrs. Masterson, Angela Green, who was keeping tabs on him in suspecting that he was cheating on her! And with her now having the goods on her cheating husband goods that could very well land him in the San Quentin gas chamber you can bet your bottom dollar that Court's cheating days are over!

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