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Author: Snusmumrikken from Bodø, Norway
3 December 2009

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Plot: A runaway child Davey Morris (Dennis Holmes) suddenly shows up after missing from his home for several days. Davey's dad (Fred Beir) refuses to believe the boy's claim that he has been with a huge beast.

I really enjoyed this episode. I liked the plot and it's creepy mood. One other thing i liked, is that you never actually see the beast on screen. Your imagination can run wild with this great effect. You can sort of decide yourself what the monster looks like, if you want.

I seem to remember it also had good music i liked. Also, what a good ending. I will not tell you the ending. You have to see for yourself. One of the best episodes i have watched of One Step Beyond. I think it deserves 9/10.

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Human nature at its worst

Author: kapelusznik18 from United States
20 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** After missing for three whole days little Davey Morris ,Dennis Holmes, is found safe and sound on a cliff by his concerned parents John & Ann Morris, Fred Bell & Ann McCare, as well as family friend Doctor Frazier, John Morley. Instead of complementing whatever the person was who protected and fed Davey for the lat three days Davey's parents Dr. Frazier and the local townspeople want to kill him or it because their afraid of it. Whatever it was it struck terror in the hearts of the local inhabitants in that when it did appear it was at least 15 feet high and weighed a ton.

Even though the creature's intentions ware peaceful and non-violent it's size and frightening appearance was enough for the scared out their wits townspeople to destroy it and soon they did or tried to. This despite Davey's pleas to not hurt the missing link or Big Foot who did everything to keep the boy safe from danger and out of harms way.

***SPOILERS*** It was Davey's parents and local townspeople who ended up getting their way in setting the entire forest on fire in order to smoke out and kill the peaceful creature who in fact harmed no one man or animal. Luckily it in the end it did somehow escape the violence directed on it melting into the forest but exposed mankind for what it is. Mindless and violent to anyone or anything that it can't understand. Even if it, the Big Foot, is trying to help it like it did with Davey Morris.

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Well-remembered episode

Author: jawillard from United States
17 December 2013

I don't know if I saw this during its original 1959 airing (I was only five years old then), or when it was later re-run; but I certainly remember the ending. It took a long while to identify this episode, as I thought it was on "The Twilight Zone" or "Thriller". I had only rare opportunities to see programs like this because my parents always watched the western shows, and were afraid to let me see anything that might give me nightmares. The only other "One Step Beyond" episode I remember seeing, during its first airing, is "The Tiger" (June 20, 1961). (Ten days later, on June 30, 1961, I saw another creepy show, an episode of the short-lived "Way Out" series titled "Side Show", about a man who falls in love with a carnival side show woman with a light bulb for a head!)

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